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Monday, April 7, 2014

Plain ol' Me!

As I was writing one of my post a few words sent sparklers off in my mind, These words "PLAIN OL' ME." I find those word most interesting. Those words just seems to fit me, Why? I'm plain and simple, am old, feeling older every day, I'm no one, other than me!

I have no wish of writing hard facts and proving those gnarly words as truth. There is a following for that's not me. In my life I've grown tired of every, Tom, Dick and Harry giving their facts as "the truth."

I have read hundreds, maybe thousands of comments about everything under the sun on this, the people's media. I love it! But when comments go beyond respectable debating just to harass or make fun of someone's opinions, it becomes a mighty turn off to me!

WE are people of all cultures reading the everyday thoughts, opinions. That in itself is so amazing to some one like me who is in the last chapter of living. This format seems so impossible even though I'm using it.

I cringe when a responder to a post or a comment being made about a post takes an ugly turn at belittling others comments, just to be cruel. That takes this medium down! If you don't like a blog find another for your liking, or better still does the belittler, have a blog?

I wish to give plain ol' me to you. This is a hobby I enjoy in old age, I have been around, heard and seen a few things in my lifetime. If I could I would write every post as humor. Dag-nap-it every day ain't fun and games, is it? I truly wish it were!


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  1. Hmmm, I happen to like "plain ol' you" so just keep doing what you are doing. I hope no one ever comes in here and belittles you or I will have to kick some butt !!!

    I just read "the Exorcism of Sister Sarah". I can't wait to read the rest of the story. I'm glad you mentioned it in your last post or I may not have seen it.

    Have a wonderful night/day my friend.