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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Please . . . Release Me!

My old Cub Cadet started on the first try, after sitting all winter. I never would a thought it! It did have a low tire, one should expect such a thing after five months, I suppose.

This mower be like me. Not pretty, shows scars of usage. Old! It ain't dead yet!

This line came to me as I sit down here at my computer, "please . . . release me."

I best back up and explain, so you'll understand. Allergies, aches and pains and some new pains from falling the other day, have taken a terrible toil on me!. Although I never let it get the best of me,
never missed any work, I'm not sure . . .  if that's smart, or stupid, most likely stubborn!

Once in a while uncontrollable factors, just seem to get the best of me. At this point the phrase "please . . .  release me," takes on true meaning!

The feeling of release me, rings loud and clear! Thoughts run through my head, that never do!

Please . . .  release me, I can't take, no more! Like the last "straw on a camel's back," it chooses to lie down, never, to rise again!"

We push, and push, until we find we're at a wall .

Please . . .  release me!

Life has done me in!

I wish to deteriorate, no more!

Finally, my mind has peace.

My body fails!

No longer, can the mind override!

The cruelness of living takes a new path.

Just when it seems I've something to live for!

Three strikes I'm out!

To the dugout, for evermore.

Once it seemed, so unthinkable!

Oh so! how I've longed, to be at peace!

Is it meant, to be so?

At this moment in time, I shall take whatever waits for an old soldier, "Please . . .  Release Me!

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