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Monday, April 21, 2014

I Wish To Hold Onto!

I had an idea on the tip of my head, most amazing thought I wish to hold onto. I did a few chores, the idea was gone. Damn . . . that's happened for the last time! I shall carry a small pad in my shirt pocket forevermore. I do have in the course of a day a few words or a sentence to which I could build on, but in the blink of a eye, it's gone. What seems enlightening at a very inopportune time, I wish to have a chance to examine at my leisure.

Some from out of nowhere penetrate my conscious for only a second or two. The feeling of that moment and the line evaporates as fast as it appears.

Have you ever witnessed a sight so brief, yet so compelling, you think, "I must recapture this for eternity!" Then you turn your head and it's lost. I hate these kind of momentary insights! Why see them if I cannot hold on to them? I do think maybe their possibly relayed into the great archives of our mind. At least I hope they will be there for retrieval later.

I tire sometimes of the daily battle just to get through another day

I tire of speaking words to ones who can hear but do not enter beyond the ear canal

I tire of love ones uttering hurtful words, not meant . . . but said

I do not tire of youthful exuberance but an aging process that's an eternal battle

I tire of the daily spiel from everywhere

I tire of the unbearable boredom that sometimes invades my soul

I tire of one side of my upbringing that chanced destroying me


I love spring

I love kittens and puppies

I love the feeling of love

I sometimes love life

I love dreams and imagination

I love a good read


My favorite book Crime And Punishment

My favorite hobby, this

My favorite movie, too hard to choose, maybe old fashion comedies

My favorite day of the week, Sunday

My favorite subject in school, math



My favorite saying, "I AM WHAT I AM, AND THAT'S ALL THAT I AM!"

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  1. Glen I have that same problem. I receive a moment of inspiration, of insight, and then it is gone. It always seems to come at the most inopportune time and by the time I get a moment to slow down, that inspiration is gone with the wind. The other night about 3 AM I had a poem in my head and it was flowing so nicely in my mind. I should have gotten up and written it, but I didn't. The next morning, I could only remember the first line and and bits and pieces of the rest, but try as I might, I could not get it to flow out of my brain ! I used to jot down ideas when they came to me and I was able to build on them later. I too need to start doing that again.

    I hope you have a wonderful week my friend.

    Oh, all those things you wrote just now, the things that you love........that is what makes life worth living, the little things.