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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Temporary Agencies, Sanitariums, Government, And Disorders!

Whew-wee! I was plum sillier than usual yesterday, I reckon fumes and such can have such an effect!

How you doing? I'm doing real good! I love it when I'm feeling right good! I hate it when I'm feeling left bad! A little funny there. I know, ya got to think out of the box with me!

World news, pretty much the same shite! Same as yesterday, today and tomorrow! It don't change does it?

What else do you want me to talk about? I'll sum it up short and sweet.

Speaking of sweets, I have the hankering for a Reese's peanut butter cup, yes I do, so I reckon I'll drink a glass of skim milk, to kick away that baad thought.

I can't even remember what happened at work today, so it must of went well. Speaking of work I actually like work! You already know I be plum nuts, so that shows you how nuts I be.

Speaking of nuts, I love trail mix nuts with chocolate, The kind I've been eating have very little salt. I'm hooked on them. Yes I is!

Seems I have nothing earth shattering to say, so I'll ramble for awhile and see if I can lasso something of importance to write about.

Ah, ah, ah, I'd rather be silly from fumes than think of nothing!

This is embarrassing folks!

I do like work, it be them freaky people I must come into contact with. You think I'm a few eggs short of a dozen, you should be around some I work with!

I know I've talked about these temporary workers before. If their temporary, I wonder if I had me one of them zap-em ray guns, or disappearing temporary beam them back to where's ever they originate from. They be from a planet far, far, away. Yikes! I think I'll start paying them temporary agency places to not send them! Here I thought I had a few problems! Sheesh! I think they be test subjects for them big Pharmaceutical companies! That has to be it, send them already screwed up, with something or the other disorders, already on free trial drugs, give them more new improved drugs to mix with the old tried and true drugs and send them out through these temporary agencies to fuck up the last remaining un-fucked up ones that are left to do the work! Yeah that explains it very nicely, I'd reckon!

And here I did not think I would be able to accomplish anything in this post! I be on a roll now!

Since I be on screwed up people, how many disorders are they? I never knew of all these disorders when I was a growing up. We just called them "nuts!" That seemed to cover all these modern disorders nicely. If Aunt Lucy started acting strange by barking like a dog, we'd send her to the state ran loony house. They called them Sanitariums! I read some history about Sanitariums in my home state one time. They use to build these massive stone dwellings near special mineral water underground springs or something or the other kind o places.

I be a tryin' to fuck with your brain a wee bit. Mine is, so I wanna help you to find my place, ya see.

No I be serious folks. They thought that special mineral water would cure all! The state government shut down these kind of Sanitariums or as my family called them "Nuthouses."  Sent these nuts into halfway houses, but I think it was planned. All these disorders starting coming from out of nowhere, then all these new wonder drugs, fix all them nuts up starting appearing and prescribed to all them nuts and now they're called disorders, mentally challenged or something or the other.

Um-huh I think the Government, the Pharmaceutical's, and all the Fraud Freudian nin -ca-poops got together and created them disorders, or test subjects as I like to call them and released them from the half-way houses into the Temporary Agencies and now we the last of the Not Nuts, have to work with the nuttier that fruit cake ones!  


I feel asleep and my nutcase inner spirits typed thus for me goodnight and remember to always take your medicines. The Drug Manufactures are to big to fail!!!!!

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