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Friday, April 11, 2014


I never know what mood is going to come across until I sit down at my desk. No really! My mood of the day is not always reflected, when I sit down and enter Glen's Land! As my fingers do the walking a sentence or a paragraph happens and then, I say then, possibly nothing! Yep! I know, your thinkin, "Glen has nuthin" to say???"   "Shite happens!" as me Buddy Forrest Gump said.

I live in a relatively small world, I have found out I must! I'm not an extrovert, quite the opposite.  Introvert is the opposite, yeah! yeah! give that man a cigar! ( No, no, no please don't I don't smoke, never did!) Now I've never turned down a sodie-pop, you know a Coca-Cola.

I think it is extremely possible that somewhere inside my cranium the need for survival manifest itself and the desire to write come about. I can explain it no other way, especially since I've never had the urge nor, never typed, did not have a computer. That mystifies me totally!

I'm certainly not an introvert here, shite, I can let the inner Glen come out, and sometimes I think, you fool!!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter here, not in the least. I write for the pure fun of it, AND am just now getting going! Oh my! Whatever happens from here on out is my friend Timster's fault! ("Sorry Buddy!")

We need an escape in this old world of Pac-man a tryin' to gobble us up, don't we? I'm showing my age but I have a feeling anyone that reads Glenview is older.

We must understand our personal boundaries, to survive! Believe me when I say to you I have worked a lifetime and still struggle!

What is so hard to survive in the world of dummies? No, I'm not talking about intelligence.

Manners, common sense, people skills, I could go on and on! Add your own thoughts to my list. Let's wipe the slate clean . . . until tomorrow! Peace is hard to come by, peace and quiet, or peace of mind!

I do suppose it is so easy to turn to, alcohol, drugs, whether, legal, or illegal, to try . . . and block the harshness of one's problems. Trouble is . . . the problems always come back, many fold, am I right?
I use to have a way of escaping, found it at an early age. I went to the Movie Theater every Saturday and Sunday afternoon as a young-in. I immersed myself so completely for a few hours, I had the strength to go another week. There was no place to be alone in our small house. My bicycle, my paper route money allowed me survival by delving myself into the big screen. In addition I read books, many books about famous people and their adventures, become my adventures. I'm sure some of you won't understand, but I dare say a lot of you know exactly where I'm coming from!

Don't feel the least bit sorry for young Glen. He learned to adapt and is still a learnin'! The reason I'm doing this blog-thing-a-ma-jig is adapting.

Intelligent design, evolution, I think both. We must be intelligent enough to evolve!!!

We create problems inside our mind. We must evolve beyond them!

I believe in the power of people, real people like you and I!

We must take the leap of faith and believe in our self! That ain't easy and you know it!

For too long we've believed in the easiest way to go! Listening to them highly educated ones. Folks they have gotten us into the insurmountable problems we live in!

I know what I must do to survive, how much longer, well we'll see, and if you want me to be around and write Glenview until my last breath, I'll be there, to comfort myself and you, because we are the real people of the world and you can take that to the bank!

Shite is there any money in these here banks today? The Federal Reserve prints money like it grows on trees! I think trees and cotton!

One thing you can always count on here, is a laugh, and me!     GOODNIGHT MY FRIEND . . . Glen.

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