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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Marquee Still Burns Bright!

I have been getting several hits from Europe and Russia I say thank you, thank you very much! Actually thanks to anyone that may stumble across my humble site. I'm a simple man in a world of electronic gizmos I know absolutely nothing about! I was born way over a half century ago. If we wished to play we went outside and to the schoolyard. Neighborhood pals would come up with something to do, requiring physical activity. I know nothing of all this gaming and gizmos and don't wanna. I be old fashion and ainna, looking to change now. Ijust wanna write a little keeping me old brain active! Hope you don't mind I have plenty to say So once again THANKS TO ONE AND ALL. I ESPECIALLY LIKE TO SEE HITS FROM SOME OF MY OLDER POSTS! SO GO CRAZY ON 'EM AND JOIN MY CLUB!!!!!

I can just hear the kids of today thinking "what did you do for fun?"

I would say to them "imagination, outside, we had the whole world to explore, by riding our bicycles and being children!"

Movies in a real old time movie house was a thrill in itself, ah the smells, the size, the magical feel of the round staircase on both sides of my hometown theater. Cost more to go upstairs and look down into the screen, it was worth it. The bathrooms the size of a small house, to a young lad. One movie, one theater, one adventure on the screen that you could immerse yourself into in ways that cannot compare today! The first movie I escaped into was "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea."

The size of today's television screens does not hold a candle to what I witnessed at the age of twelve.

Sadly as I write this post talk of tearing this 100 year old theater. It's outlived it's usefulness. The giant marquee that has shown the titles to one hell of a lot of movies all the way back to silent films. Just try to imagine that! You cannot! I watched a silent movie within  the last week on the T. C. M. channel The Keystone Cops, I laughed along to this film in this modern world of special effects. Seems to me the special effects and computerization of movies have taken the magic away. I once loved movies and television, but now despise what they've become! The originality and fun is gone. Well to me anyway!

Today my imagination such as the forum you're reading right now and the movies in my dreams is my theater.

We've become junkies of we can't get enough in today's world. We have it all at our fingertips yet we have nothing. Is all the new learning tools we give our children and grand children made them smarter, more well rounded?

We cannot go backwards and I don't wish to. Is the olden days as good as we remember them to be? Probably not! However I remember reading my first book, watching my first television program, my first, movie, my first in a lot of things.

What I wish for is the valuable lessons to be learned, cherished, loved. Just ain't to be in the hurry up and wait world, anymore. Like the old movie house that has outlived it's usefulness, the marquee still lights up as it once did, a beautiful old charming bit of nostalgia that's to be torn down, for what?

I be like that old movie house' soon to be downed by lack of usefulness, replaced by ??????

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