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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Tears Of A Clown . . .

What comes along with springtime? Allergies . . . there back!!! It's bad enough that it's MONDAY! Add allergies and what do you get? Puffy eyes, sneezing, off balance. I forced myself through another Monday, this one was pure HELL!!! I hurt my wrist, my knee, my shin, my back and my pride. I got up walked it off, what else can I do? Added a few new pains into the mix, but carried on! My balance is not what it once was and sometimes I turn to fast especially on a day like today when the little level in me head is screwed up, oh well that's life!

My puffy eyes look like Bill Clinton's! Oh my!

Really funny though is I got through winter without busting my arse, and now ker-plunk!!! There's a saying "you have to roll with the punches." My body automatically turned enough so that my backside took the licking! I'm afraid of getting up after a night's rest will it be worse, probably!

Enough about my measly problems, how goes it in your neck of the woods or city or wherever? I been getting several hits from Ukraine, you need a laugh or two I'll do my best to make it happen!

Imagine, a bearded, white haired. fat man falling on his butt!
I admit, it did wake me up, and I did not notice my puffy eyes and runny nose for awhile, I had other things on my mind! You know I hate getting my shins skinned! Hurts don't it?

Just another day in Glen's neighborhood! Time to start mowing grass and it won't get any better. I should find me a young boy to mow my grass like I. What would be the going rate today for about an hours work? I can see them now riding my cub cadet texting and drinking a monster drink!

I don't think that would happen. Do kids today mow grass?

Well this is the next night as I sit at my computer. My body feels like I been in a car wreck! Instead of the car being all messed up, I AM!

I thought about posting a daily thought, something that was on my mind, a wandering thought that comes from out of nowhere. Yesterday could of been "That . . . hurt!"

I'm going to close my eyes and see if one thing comes to me. Please hold!

Please hold once more, I can't seem to get beyond pain! I'll try going deeper.
The sentence "The tears of a clown," echoes.
(1) Also, "if given the choice to redo my life over, the very same exactly, would I do it?"

(2) Or, "do my life over, but retain the learned lessons of life."

(1) No, I'm tired, I'm ready for what waits, beyond!

(2) Yes redo, to see if I could do better next time! I believe I could!

"I am but one simple man, I cannot do anything to impact the world. What I can do, is impact myself in a way that causes a tiny ripple in the mighty ocean"

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  1. Ouch ! Sorry to hear about your fall. You know it gets scarier as we get older when we take a spill like that. I hadn't fallen since I was a child and then two years ago I fell on three separate occasions. The last time I thought for sure I had broken something. Do be careful my friend !!

    I had to laugh at the "Bill Clinton" eyes !!

    I imagine there are a few young people who might be interested in mowing your grass. Not sure what they would charge though. You could make an offer and see if it is suitable to them.

    I like your thought of the day idea. You should go for it.

    I think I wrote a blog some time ago about whether I would do things differently if I could do my life over. I will see if I can find that one.

    Have a beautiful day dear one and do be careful. I hope you don't hurt too badly when you get up today .