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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It's late night for me, or early morning (6 am) for you, you see I work the graveyard shift and it really messes me up on weekends. I'll type a tad and see where my mind goes or not.

 I've taken me meds and a light rain is falling, the last two days has been beautiful spring weather, grass is greening up, trees are budding, early flowers are glowing, whew-wee my favorite time of the year! I never thought I'd make it through winter! Sure was a rough one, all we old people should go to warmer climates!

Could go to Florida but I expect there is getting overcrowded, maybe Arizona. I know maybe Mexico! Nah not from what I've heard of the lawless society down there!

If there lawless . . .  and we're civilized, hum . . . I gotta do some more thinkin' 'bout that!!!

What in the world can I talk about? I've had a word on my mind, nefarious, but I don't want to go there.

Where are you mind, when I need you most? I hate talking Politics! Hate 95% of television shows! Hate most movies, so I don't watch very many, can't stand the violence, language. So what do I do? Nuthin! Work and relax, dream a little, write a little, think a little. Once in awhile, my imagination whirls a little, like a helicopter! That takes all an old man's energy yes it does! I have to eat some trail mix and bananas to keep my energy up.

When I venture out, it's pure hell! My blood pressure goes up. my synapses short circuit. Yes they do!

I have worn myself out mentally, trying to do justice to the Sister Sarah post. I wish I never started it! It growled at me, once I started, to finish it, but it was extremely challenging! Maybe it was needed therapy. It feels incomplete, and I know not how, to finalize it! I tried to get my thoughts across, I'm not sure I did!

Hopefully it was something that laid dormant and now it's over.

I have plenty more I could say about religion, but I learned long ago people believe what they believe and that's not a place to go! That's opening a forbidden trunk, that seems best to stay closed! Some of the problem as I see it is, ones believe what they believe, because they have always believed it! Therefore it becomes an accepted fact that can't be disproven because all know it's fact.

I believe in the power of more than one. Where well intended come together in unity, they can make things happen. The power of the people has been undermined too long. It's our own fault I reckon, we've become too complacent!

We hope, we wish, we pray, ainna workin', is it?

Does anyone out there here on planet earth have the answer?

Damn I didn't want to get serious I wanna have some fun, me and you and the world, might as well make jokes of it all . . . because it is!

COMPLACENT, satisfied with the way things are. Unconcerned.

WOW!!! That's quite a word! I sure am not satisfied with many things in this here old world!

I wish I could feel unconcerned! I really do! There has to be a better way than what we experience even in our own tiny day to day existence!

At my age I live about a small existence as there is! I get upset at the stupidity of the everyday world I come into contact with!

I'm as stupid as the world I make for myself! Really after most of a lifetime I just want a small spot to relax and call my own! I reckon that be my home and here!   Goodnight

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