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Thursday, April 3, 2014

But Seriously Folks!!!

Prime the pump was meant to just let me get started on yesterday's post by writing anything to get my writing going. Lord have mercy, just shows you how sometimes I get a going. That's what's so fun for me, to make a post like I was talking to you, up close and personal!

Spring has sprung here in my neck of the woods. By springing I mean rain, rain, rain! I was wakened by a thunderboomer, that rattled my house, scared the shite out of me, and took away my electricity. Man that sucks having no electricity. It's hard to even brush your teeth, I never knew I looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth! I couldn't even brush them properly, also it's scary taking a shower in the dark. It can be done, but sheesh, sure seems strange! I bought some supplies back in the winter because we was having so many snows, I fear them ice storms that weigh so heavily on the electric lines! I couldn't find my supplies, I reckon being the smart numskull I am I put them up so I'd know where they were! Outsmarted myself on that one!

I go to work . . .  damn it!  Shows you how dumb I am. I should called in and told them, "my electricity is out I can't see to drive in!" (Think about that silly but kind of funny!) "What do you expect here on Glenview? My writers are on strike!) Thing is though, if I got the right person answering the phone, I could of got by with it!!!

Enough of the ignorance, let me write something serios (that's kind of funny serios, oh I was suppose to be getting serios! I cannot, I be not in the mood tonight sorry!

Work sucked! Had to work, you know! That right there seemed to take all the fun out of it!!!

It was time for me to go, and when it's time for me to go, I go!!! I snookered myself by not getting the hell out of there real quick like. A machine starts up unexpected like, and I said to me-self "I'll catch the product while everybody is leaving and cleaning up the scrap off the last run. Someone will be here to take my place in a few minutes, it's not going to kill me!" Trouble is . . . no one come over to take my place!!!    I had to work over an hour and you know how an old man feels about overtime, no way! I GUARANTEE YOU I WON'T DO THAT AGAIN!

Seriosly folks "how was your day?" We've had so much rain that my chickens are swimming in my yard like ducks! My favorite one swam by me going "quack, quack, quack" threw me off big time!

Seriosly, if I could only be serios I might could make some sense, nah! Ain't no fun in that!


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