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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wandering & Wondering, Ah oh!!!

Viewer discretion is advised, reading farther may lower your I. Q.
I'm in a real strange ass mood! I been wandering around the state and wondering about many things this morning boys and girls and I am about to open the gate to my mind after taking my bedy-bye meds! If I get extremely sleepy I may just hit post and check it in the morn! The way I write and spell won't make no difference any way. I checked my blood pressure as soon as I set down and it were way too high, so what else is knew! I am warming my finger up and waiting for some earth shattering thinking to come from my brain.... Lets forget about that an go directly to a thought I had as I was burning up the interstate tonight wondering,
It has been 50 years since Kennedy proposed going to the moon. In 1969 we did that and went back several times right!!! So since that monumental achievement we have trouble just getting the Space Shuttle up and down. Granted that technology is ancient. (remember that word)
Those of you that was around in 1969 which wasn't me (laugh) just try and remember (if possible) the technology of everything compared to now!!! For you young-ins not around then, just take us old timers word for it! I owned a 1969 Chevrolet Impala a big magnificent car. Today's Impala has such technological advancements, the only resemblance may be doors and tires.
"EVERYTHING" has advanced by leaps and bounds. Anything electronically would not even be recognized today. Even science fiction could not envision some of the things available.

My point is, with improvements and advancements especially in the telecommunication and electronics and every other field! IF WE WENT TO THE MOON IN 1969 and stopped a few years later, but, but, but we continued to play with flying toys designed in the 70's UNTIL today, why oh why AIN'T we made more strides or at least be able to get a @#%&ing shuttle up and down the way we do our @#$%ing airplanes, why, why, why???
Okay, okay, okay I'm going to lay it on you. All these U. F. F. O.'s are our own UNIDENTIFIED FLYING FUCKING OBJECTS!!! Oh yeah where do you think all our tax dollars has been going, in addition to the lame brains in Washington. You see they have us looking in one hand and in the other hand funneled through these super duper rich military conglomerates. I bet them executives ain't flying around in them measely old 747 jets. I betcha they are flying rich ass first class to the fucking moon Alice... I also betcha we have had bases on the moon for one hell of a long time... Thats where trillions of dollars of unaccounted money and Nasa money and military $'s has gone to!
In 1969 we were playing vinyl records, now you hold a magnificent powerful computer in the palm of your hand. Don't you think we have the technology way beyond a damn Jetliner with jet fuel. The atom bomb was unleashed in 1945 with ancient scientist and technology. You don't think Science has come a long way to!!!
I believe we are being kept in the dark about many things and that we are so far ahead and only the military and privileged ONES are allowed these facts and that there boys and girls just flat pisses me off, because WE pay for this from OUR tax $'s...
 You want to know what I was wondering about tonight? I don't care if you think I'm crazy because if you read my stuff then you know I am. (hahaha)

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