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Sunday, May 22, 2011


I woke up early this morning feeling good, no aches no pains, the way one should. The first thing I must have is a shot of caffeine. Me and Punkster, my 13 year old loyal companion and best friend, take a ride through the countryside at 4 AM. No traffic, only early dew and a gentle fog. Peace the likes of which I have not felt in a while. I traveled this road not 12 hours ago, the road was the same but showed the hustle and bustle of everyday woos. I wear a jacket so our windows are down, we both feel the breeze of the early morns delight. Still not one car has seen, as I visit the Convenient Store, for the first time ever, it is that very thing. The Saturday night partier's are sleeping it off. The Sunday Edition of the Newspaper is hot off the press. Peace is breathtakingly beautiful, the feel of steadiness rings true so clear so dear. Caffeine for me and a double Slim Jim jerky treat for my shotgun riding protector of the night. Over to Big Daddy Mart we go for new socks for me, so much peace, how can this be? The large super sucker vacuuming truck of hell cleans the parking lot. Never have I seen the lot so pristine, no cups, no trash no dirty diapers, wow! to my mornings delight. I must be dreaming, this cannot be! In for my socks and out with a flash, woopsey, my dog Punkster is taking a nap. I reach through the unopened window and gave her a startl. She gives me whats for, then licks me with love. Me and her together again, riding the trail wind in our face, happiness prevails. I have a thought let's ride through town, we have already witnessed deer and other creatures of the night, At 5 AM the creatures of town should be asleep, right! No one, no police only me and the Punkster, woo wee! it's plum outta sight!

We hid on home, but I have a flash! I'm not finished with this amazing dream, alright! Over to the fairgrounds are favorite place for a walk, who cares if its the darkest of the night, just before the mornings first light, not me not Punkster! I pull off to the side, the weeds are 3 feet tall. I stand still looking at the moon, giving time for my eyes to adjust, we'll begin our walk soon. Punkster's white coat becomes a beacon of light, I sure ain't o'fraid of the dark and perfectly still night. I feel peacfulness within, and the peace of the missing light. Whoopsey daisy, this is better than the afternoon delights. Punkster follows the pavement just as we have a-thousand times before. For the first time in quite a many full moons, I hear no car tires squealing on the asphalt killing the peace and quiet. We walk and soon we reach the end, we're at the train tracks, the road, modern man made woes, Punkster turns around and retraces her steps, she too, grows tire of the race. My heart rate never goes beyond a flutter, I laugh, if only my Doc could see me now, he'd take my blood pressure/heart-rate, spring to his cell-phone with much start and stutter, as he calls 911. This here old man just died in the dead of the night!

We walk back slowly and peacefully enjoying to the maximus the cool, relaxing, beautiful night. No fear only the wonderment amazing sensations of Mother Natures harmonizing DELIGHT!!! We drive home slowly there's no rush, I'm not yet finished with this peace, we set on the porch to witness the orange glow of the mornings light. The leaves gently move to the mornings awakening, almost immediatly the birds begin to sing their lovely songs, as they wake up slowly at ease, at peace. The first illumination of the day sees the birds going to work, the dampness of the night brings their morning breakfast, the wheaties of champions the early bird gets the worm.

This morning that makes more sense than ever before. Me and Punkster are like the birds. There is a corny old saying, "Early to Bed and Early to Rise Makes One Healthy Wealthy and Wise".

I wish to examine that a mite closer.

Early to bed and early to rise makes sense, I agree!

Certainly healthy achieving a good nights sleep, waking up slowly in no haste. I concur wholeheartedly!!!

Wealthy??? ... Who the hell cares about money if you can have inner "PEACE"... I DON'T!!!

What exactly is WISE, way or manner, the dictionary says. I wish to be forever in the "MANOR" I was this morn...     THANK YOU, I WROTE IT AS EXACTLY AS  LIVED IT THIS MORN... 

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