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Monday, May 23, 2011


          I seeem to be in as fine a mood as I have ever been in in my entire life! While this particular moment may never appear again, I feel the timing is right to give my take on as many things that my challenged mind wishes to say. I pledge two things to anyboby who reads my silliness or whatever comes through my heart, through my brain and misfortunately at times my typing, it's always behind my thinking and once again I apoligize for my lack of formal training, ah but the two things you can always count on is TRUTH & SIMPLICITY here on GLEN VIEW...
          I'm a simple man with simple pleasures, and I appreciate any and all that come my way. There is so much bombardment of bull-shit, I believe the average person hasn't the foggiest idea of what or whom to believe. We regular working stiffs need to believe in something, because we are not STRONG enough to understand what we believe. We have been taught from day one of our existence by someone. The information that our brain takes in every day would overwhelm us if someone with capital letters behind their name like a earned badge of Intelligence. Doctorate of this or that! You know what this old boy says about that B.S. I have earned my capital letters the hard way and I will sum it up in one simple four letter word "LIFE". Almost always, beginning in my formative years I assumed everyone was smarter tham I was. Everybody seemed to be better looking, wore nicer clothes lived better than I did, therefore they must be smarter. I always thought of myself as second class citizen. Even into my adult years I saw ones that new how to manipulate the system. They were no better educated than I was, they just knew how to play the game. Well I don't play games, my childhood was stolen from me and I never got to be a child the way children should be. I became an adult early out of neccessity of life. I'm not crying about it, I learned from it and I have faith in my family and that is it! Outside of my family I trust my 13 year old dog more than any one else.
          What exactly is FAITH? Unquestionable belief, complete trust or confidence, whoa that's a mighty big order to fill!!! I suppose I may as well end this story here because I can think of nobody that can fulfill that. I know myself and have more trust and confidence in what "I believe" than anybody else. Everyday I learn something new and everyday I loose faith in someone. Everyday I have faith in myself to get through one more day.
          Millions upon millions of books have been written maybe billions. Is what you read imaginary or real? Imagination is wonderful, I could not live without imagination, I would wither as quickly as plants without water! When you read, you may have a thought or belief in someone's words that hit home, and that is the fun in reading, we can identify OUR thoughts or OUR beliefs with someone else! We would never read an entire book and completely identify or believe every word would we? Of course not, we are free to think as INDIVIDUALS!
          Does it recquire too much time and free thinking to believe what you believe? We are too busy to think right? We'll believe what the news tell us, what our acquaintances tell us. We watch way too much TV and we believe the reality shows, because there Reality Shows! Yeah right! Commercials brainwash us so much we go to the store and purchase certain items. Entertainment ain't just entertaining to yer lazy brain, it be BRAINWASHING yer brain, yep!!! Do you believe all documentaries all the history channels and everything you have been taught in school! Of course you do!!! We have been programmed all our life and we don't even know it!!!
          Yer probably asking yerself right now "what makes you so smart Mr. Glen View". Now I will answer that, "I'm certainly not smart, I have lived my whole life, believing what I myself believe, and not what others wish me to believe. I choose to base my faith, my belief system on my heart, my own spirituality and my OWN mind". Spirituality is not what we learn in Sunday School. Spirituality to me is what we have taught ourselves are whole life through our own uniqueness and our own unique SPIRIT. Faith flows through every cell of your body and eminates through yerself. No one can make or break yer faith, if you truly have it. Yer not born with it, as genes are passed, you acquire it or not!!!
          This attempt at truth and simple logic may not be making any sense. I have tried to stay away from words such as FAITH because it seems to me it can't be understood without religious overtones.
          Please my friends if you get nothing else out of my meandering here in the wee hours of the morning, I wish to leave you with this one point!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND WHAT YOUR HEART, YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS TELLS YOU AND FOLLOW THAT, BECAUSE THAT IS THE SIMPLEST AND MOST TRUTHFUL PATH!!!

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  1. If only more people had the courage to follow their hearts and not their 'learning'....