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Saturday, May 7, 2011


I glance over at her as we take a ride in her favorite toy, her truck. Unsteady as she attempts her best to stay upright. Time has taken its toll on my most beloved animal of all time… Her given name is Aussie Blue, I call her Punky! Beautiful flashy, mostly white with black spots and a black patch over her left eye, Cattle Dog and Australian Shepherd mix. She’s quite a beauty she is. Think of The Lone Ranger with half a mask with his flashy outfit and beautiful pearl handled six shooters with silver bullets shooting out the barrel. Now I have painted her onto the canvas add one thing into the vision we are creating, instead of shooting silver bullets Punky shoots off her mouth, she is a mouthy one, she is, yep, a classy beautiful female that lets her views be known as she is smart. She senses and reads my emotions in unexplainable ways. I am her Tonto and my trusty rusty pick-up truck is her Silver, Hi Ho! Silver, and away she goes!!!
                While on our weekend ride I must drive extremely careful especially around corners. Her legs have grown crooked, arthritis and age ravage this once energetic happy and full of herself working cattle dog breed. When younger she would nip at your heels, instinct to guide you like her cattle. I viewed it as lovingly beautiful. You can see why at times, I question who is the leader in this relationship?
                Cancer has spread through her body and we give her medicine to ease her discomfort. Mostly she lays around now and sleeps, appetite is withering as death nips at Punky’s heels. She can no longer jump into her favorite chair and lies on a soft animal bed we bought her. Every day takes her one step closer to the beautiful field of chasing butterflies and having her forever youthful feel back. When her last light dims to naught and she goes to that special place, I would go with her if only I could. I would wish nothing more in this life than to jump playfully with her, chasing butterflies, chasing tennis balls, nipping at each other’s heels and running side by side, just like Tonto and the Lone Ranger “forever”…
                 I FEEL SO SAD, GOT A WORRIED MIND ABOUT “AUSSIE BLUE”………thanks for reading this special post, thinking about love and “Mothers day” gave me this post. I wrote it right after our ride together, I’m sure this will be our last spring together… glen

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