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Monday, May 9, 2011


          Excuse me if I'm a mite down-homey on this day. I come from humble beginnings, like my Mother and I enjoy the simple moments that make us. Nurtured carefully in ways she has forgotten. Sometimes our early memories are cloudy from time not mine. I have magnified them and still feel the love they represent.
          I understand at this moment from what seems a crude play on words with something I began a few days ago. Only now do I understand why, something I wrote two weeks ago comes into play. Only at this moment it is clear... I wrote the post "HOPE" with hopes of posting regular daily thoughts of pertinent now happening moments, that quite possibly we all are thinking, good or bad. Not the scripted evening news. Not a full post just a few words or one paragraph. Intended as mostly humorous.
          A couple of weeks ago my hope was gone, somehow a shred came through and thus sprang the post Hope.
          My goal is to produce a smile to your day out of my corniness, silliness or I can't believe I read that! I sometimes play on words and they may hold hidden meanings. My favorite time to play with words is when I come home from work. I relax, play with the dogs, take my nightly medicine and unhook the lock around my imagination, just to have fun at where it takes me. This silliness or release of daily frustrations gets erased. Actually it began as just practicing my typing. Every night for maybe an half hour.
          I set on the Hope post not knowing where to put it, then I got the small as in tid-bit extra kind of idea and it became tit-bit. I preferred tit and asked a fellow Blogger and he agrees. The playing on words kind of thing that I do and found it cute, maybe too cute! It's close to the heart and all natural ain't it...
          There is this old saying "don't put the cart before the horse". (I hear those of you out there thinking HUH!) I believe my brain time traveled ahead a few days and set up the scenario I was about to follow and viola the cart before the cart premise.
          Five days ago I had one of what I call my "realm dreams". I exist in these dreams as myself with my thoughts of today, but I'm actually in these other realms and they're sooo real!!! I visit ones dear to me that I've known in my life. This particular dream was with someone who passed away several years ago. I consider her my other mother, a finer person, I have never known!!! She is entering a church a few blocks away from her home. She was a younger version of the one I knew. I walk around her old neighborhood, the feelings are the same as I remember, yet the houses are different than I remember. They aren't recognizable from sight but from feelings. I leave the dream with euphoria. It was beautiful!!!                       
         If only Mothers ruled the world! A much happier place it would be! Love and happiness surely would spread!!!

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