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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm attempting to to self diagnose my dream (It Goes Round In Circles). I believe only we, understand what our unique and individualized dreams are telling us. This might be fun, OR not, let's see! WOW, there seems to be more than I expected going on in this dream after dissecting it, so, I'll just hit the hi-lites unless an unknown force invades me and takes over my brain.

Around and around = seems "never" in charge, existing without reason, simply, killing time.
Drugs = taming the uneasiness, so as to rest OR block IT out!
Physically stopping him = uncontrollable inner terror, not knowing how to respond!!!
Overly medicated = no existence, no meaning, no life!
Parents being devoured = they share the pain, they gave him life.
I attempt to help = LOVE can't cure everything.
Look of rage and trapped to emptiness = Mothers, feel all their children's pain just as they do!!!
Eyes = eyes "never" LIE!!!

There must remain, a flicker of hope, to fight the "HOPELESS" feelings that can take charge if we allow!!! The sickness that can and will devour us "IF" we allow! When the world we live in is "SENSELESS"... "WE"... "MUST" find simple pleasures, or we will find ourselves over medicated, riding around and around...   Whew-wee I probably won't do that again, I gave myself a headache. Ha, ha. Thanks for tuning into GLEN VIEW

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