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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was going to write about somethings I found rather funny in the newspaper. As I set down at the computer and glance at a picture of unsold houses on a page I overlooked before. My humor turned to sorrow in the blinking of an eye! The dream of citizens is to buy a home, rather simple everyday thing right!
After a couple world wars America settles down to progress... Jobs become plentiful, automobiles for everyone, marriage, children. Buy a home, go to church on Sunday, picnics in the park, movies at the local Movie Theatre. Prosperity, prosperity and THEN!!! What happens?
From the Heat of Rock-n-Roll to please "God Save Our Souls" one day in Dallas. A dagger went through our hearts that echoes to this day...
HOPE disappeared that day and has given way to the realities of EVIL we face at this time. Evil Entities wanting only gold, steal the future, one generation at a time. Warnings from Eisenhower, a military giant foretells the future. Does no one hear? They hear, but no one can imagine the appetites of Evil Entities, after all we are family oriented God loving citizens and our government will look out for us... Of Course They Will!!!
These Evil Entities flex their muscle to rule the world. How can that be possible? The Military Giant has not been sleeping. He, and They have been working right in front of our closed eyes. It is for our good, the people of THE LAND OF THE FREE... They, The Evil Ones count on our over-inflated brainwashed egos. WE ARE THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. We lost our brothers and fathers and grandfathers to prove that point right!!!
As the new millennium abounds we are invincible. We thought! or so we have been taught! Then we see something in real time so devastating so unbelievable... How can something like this happen to the number one city of the world... We have been lulled into a deep sleep by THE POWERS THAT BE.
Since that day we have been orchestrated just like BEETHOVEN sweetest symphony...
The Military Complex and The Evil Ones are winning a war we never knew existed...
Is it too late? How can we fight such enemies, when we the people of the world "CANNOT" comprehend such evil!!!
We have been brought up believing GOOD always wins over EVIL...
Is that just a MYTH that we have been brainwashed into believing... 
If and I say IF? there is a force somewhere mightier than the greed of gold and manipulative EVIL ENTITIES that we the citizens of planet Earth, call out to you for help!!!

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  1. "... steal the future, one generation at a time." Nice phrase. Nice piece.
    Keep writing!