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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello, my name is Glen, and this is where I have nightly fun, giving my opinions, my attempt at
 humor, my rants, my innermost thoughts, my view. That's why it's called GlenView. I start off with absolutely nothing on my mind. I learned that from my dear old mother!

I made the mistake of asking her, on a fine summer day, as we were sitting on the front porch swinging away the day.

I said "what's on your mind" she replied "nothing."

Being the mean old son that I am, I asked again, and made a comment, I should of left it alone, but I did not! "There has to be something on your mind?"

Her reply was a little firmer, then I decided to leave it alone, "There's nothing . . . on my mind!"

Well now she apparently is not like her sonny boy, because even when my mind is slowed down it's still a churning! I sure wish, A LOT, that there was nothing on my mind! All that thinkin' wears a person out, all them questions, are hard, on an old feller. I need that energy wasted on thinkin' could be put to better use, like breathing, hearing, working and such. Serves a person no good, no how, to do a lot of thinkin'! The things I think about, are from habits trained into me over a lifetime, that no longer serves an old fool any good.

I sure don't see much thinkin' a goin' on in my daily grind, if you know what I'm sayin'! Oh my God I hope you don't! Seems to me we've become pretty much an unthinkin' society! Please tell me it's just the ramifications of an old tired soul!   ((( That there ram word, be a nice long word, don't know where it come from but I like it! )))

Well I been a thinkin' upon something, every fricking time I mow the grass I get headaches, and cold like symptoms for a couple days. I read some where about allergies where your body releases something called histamines to counteract them invading invaders from them allergies, and I reckon there be a lot of things causing allergies. Well I seem to have the seasonal allergy thing, so I try to defend against them damn invaders with anti-histamines, you know prepare an army with that anti stuff, Sounded good, well doesn't seem to be a workin'! Damn it!

About eight years ago in January I had a bad allergic reaction, I had the hives and was breaking out all over. They gave me prednisone and some shots, worked real good! Never did know what caused it only had it that one time.

That prednisone was some real good stuff! Hallelujah on that! I got hooked on that stuff. I needed little sleep, and no aches, no pains.

Oh well just been doing a little thinkin' whilst I still can, and typed it as a post.

One of these days I may get the hang of this typing, posting, thinkin' thing!


  1. Yep, that sounds like you are allergic to the grass pollen most likely.

    Funny what you wrote tonight because I had a post in mind about something similar , the always thinking thing. I will see if I get that one out. In the meantime I have posted 3 or 4 blogs, two poems , so I am trying!

  2. Oh nevermind. I see you have been to my page and read them haha. I didn't even check, silly me. Thanks Glen :-)