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Monday, August 4, 2014

A Vaccine For Stupidity! (Timster this one's for you!)

What say . . . we play, what, or where be, Glen's mind today! Dag-nap it! Had me thoughts and wrote some partial post over this weekend, but darn it I tried to capture enough of the ideas to finish later. You know what? What seemed to be a good one, I thought would make a real good post, has blown away through the caverns of my mind, Yep!!! Once again unfinished posts are stacking up, yes sir good buddies.

Mowed me yard today and old Glen be sneezing and such ya know. I hate that shit! Called into work for a few hours, on the weekend, driving  the truck. Ya know, seems yer not an important person, until you're needed. Then yer mighty important!

Damn computer is doing some strange shit! It's four years old and used only for Glenview, ancient I'd reckon by computer technology, and being used by a person, who is ancient by modern computer standards. Not used enough to be worn out except for the spell check gizmo!  I probably sneezed on it and give it the a virus!

I suppose I fit the definition for a cantankerous old cuss at work. I have lived long enough to earn that title. I'm right proud of that.

What is the meaning of cantankerous? Hell I don't know, maybe ornery.

What makes me cantankerous is I know right from wrong and am not afraid to use it. I gotta be me, I gotta be me! Sorry! Didn't mean to go there, work I mean!

That cantankerous sounds like a disease or an illness. Well I think we need more of that cantankerous going around.  If being cantankerous can stop stupidity then count me in!

This weekend has gone by faster than the last one. Boy! I be a struggling tonight to get somethun a going here maybe I'll just try for a thought for the day and go to bed!
If I lived in the desert I would not have to mow grass. I'd die from heatstroke!

I used to think I was "dumber than owl shit." Now that I know I'm smarter than owl shit. Why don't I feel a heap better?

Oh! oh! oh! I read that my government was sending aid to Israel, in the form of missiles. I had hoped that we had used them all up in our previous two attempts at conquest, but no I reckon you never run out of such toys for GROWN, CIVILIZED, men!

When I was growing up I though Jew meant rich, by that equation we definitely need to charge them, so we can pay down our national debt, or use that money to buy more Viagra for them Politicians. After their current recess they'll need to get things up and going again!

You know, there are way too many viruses going around the world today. if we could just find a vaccine for one, the world would be a better place. With all the modern medicine, they'll never find a cure for STUPIDITY!!!!    GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE!

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  1. I think I wrote a post about cantankerous old men . I like them, they are the ones with the good old fashioned common sense.

    Have a nice day Professor :-)