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Saturday, August 23, 2014


IT'S . . . Freaking . . .  Friday! My favoritiesest . . .  time of the whole fricking week, BECAUSE I have two days off ya see! Come on pleeaassee tell me, you UNDERSTAND!?!?  I canna, do a, anything I wanna at this moment. Please hold . . . I gotta, go a, you know. Old bladder.

Well!  I do reckon me body, is telling me, who is in charge! heah?

Now that we have established that, maybe I can move on, to something else, while the feel goods, is still lingering. I could not help myself, I stopped at my new fav Convenient Store, yep there's a new one on the way to work, just off the interstate. Got me a shot of caffeine as in a sodie-pop, and a reese's cup, I got to have me peanut butter, and chocolate! Medicine for my heart, ya see! The caffeine keeps my heart in a right nice rhythm, and the peanut butter and chocolate . . . well just so fricking goood, I can't help it!!! I have cut way back on the caffeine. Just a drop in the bucket compared to these lightning strikes in a can these young-uns consume!!! My fav drink has 35 mg's of caffeine per 12 ounces. What is the exact word here, for them loaded, super, duper, caffeine, shot gun blast, as in 12 gauge shotgun, in a can??? I don't think I can describe it!!!

Man . . . I'd love to capture this feeling at this moment, and put it in a bottle! What would I call it?

VIAGRA, no that's taken. It does however capture the bare, foundation of . . . a kind of high. ya know!

EUPHORIA, Yep I do like that! Is that like ecstasy?  OH SHITE!!! I may have opened up a can of worms on that one!

In the olden days before ECSTASY, a drug used that combines, stimulants, and psychedelics popular today.

I had the word ECSTATIC in mind. That's a nice word simply meaning feeling good, a natural, no pill kind a thing, just like the good feeling of getting out of jail, I mean work on a Friday night!

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  1. It's good to see you feeling good !!! Ecstatic is a nice word, and a nice feeling. Hope it lasts for awhile my friend. Have a nice week. Oh and thank you for the smiles this morning.