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Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello, this is Glen and I work the combination night shift/graveyard shift. It's a hell of a challenging shift, simply because of the strange hours. Many people come and go, they will not work these hours. I've always found that rather odd! Apparently their rich, if that's so, why do they seek employment? Just an old man thinking, sorry I cannot stop that! You know the world does not stop after the nine to five dayshift hours. ( I'm sure there's some that do believe that!) Just wanted to get that off my mind. Doesn't matter if their in their twenties or over fifty.

I been eating that good fresh sweet corn, while it's available. Probably will see corn plants growing outta my ears, and navel!

I be a searchin' for somethum to grab onto and run with. Yes I am! You understand priming my mind ya see!

Don't care to elaborate on world news and world views, just a bunch of bull anyhow! News on the evening news orchestrated by a few, to brainwash the masses!

DAMN! I seem to be having trouble catching anything flying around in my mind! Could it be since I did not work today, my mind is totally relaxed, I cannot! Come on old man, there has to be something to bitch about! A word to play upon, surely there's something.

Sunday must be truly the day of rest! Gosh darn it! I think I'll watch Smallville and say "the hell with this writing crap!" A fuse must be bad, perhaps if I reboot during my now favorite show, My brain will get going.

"Do you think that possibly all this delicious sweet corn I been a chowing down on has destroyed me brain?"

I did have some good dreams over the weekend, perhaps my mind is in a state of meditation and I wasn't invited. Yeah! It be correcting the damage I did to it last week! Golly! That'd be so cool! I fuck it up through the week and Sunday heals all the damaged done! Wow . . . that's a thing of beauty!

Let me see if I can come up with a few thoughts for today. Hells fire, I'd settle for one1

I mowed my grass at 7 A M, because the radar showed a big storm a comin' my way. Nope dada, didn't happen! Where's that damn old storm go????

I'm a firm believer in that the media today, conjures up news and keeps it a brewin!


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