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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aa Regular Kind A Guy!!!

I just walked in the door, this time of the year when the corn has reached its growth, I like to ride round and smell the sweetness. Please tell me you understand that, because it's one of life's little pleasures I simply looove!!! So that's what I did for awhile to relax, and get away from the ev-IL-ness of life, AND the stuipid-ness of the modern workin' environment out my way, here in Daisyville, in the Heartland. I call where I work Doodletoon.

Welll . . . it were another one for the record book tonight. Yes it was! Had me a laughing, instead of crying. Thanks . . . for the wonderful healing ability of laughter! Amen . . .  to that brothers and sisters on this little rock of a world in the Milky Way Galaxy!  ( I first spelled galaxy, galaxie. Now you would of  still understood what this here old man was a sayin' right? Of course you would have! )

((( Once upon a time I wrote a story 'bout my favorite character ever, Bill Lee Hill, his Ma and Pa, guess what I did? I misspelled every darn word on porpoise. ( No not a porpoise as in Flipper the porpoise! I did it on purpose. ) I'll try and track that down and make a post of it. I have it filled under S for STUPID!


I am not going to preach doom and gloom here in my hometown of Daisyville, no sir!~~~~~~~
(I love them squiggly little lines!) We all know we're being raped, pillaged, and plundered! OH SHITE! Hope I didn't ruin your day!!!!!!

Sorry, the Devil got into me, ah, ha, ha, ha! That's what my grandma use to say when we kids use to get into trouble. No, no, no, I ain't in no trouble, BUT THIS HERE OLD WORLD SEEMS TO BE IN A HEAP, DON'T IT?????

Shall we play, "what did I learn today," or my favorite "thoughts for today."

"What did I learn today?" That there friends of the world is a most interesting qwestion! (And yes I know I misspeeled, qwestion, also misspelled, but who give's a giant rat's ass? ) I lurned, zip, nada, nuthin!

I'll now attempt "thoughts for today."

DAMN!!!~~~~~What did they put in my nighttime medicine? I feel like a drunk man, who thinks he is walking straight!

When it takes you twice as long to do a job, does that mean you're working twice as hard, or half as much? I do get cornfused, here in Daisyville!

Since I'm doing math qwestions, you remember them word math qwestions in school? Like if a train if going 50 mph going east and one is going west at 100 mph when will they go SPLATT?

Now they'll try and trick ya with these word qwestions! Do you have the answer?

You really must think.

First off, you know this is a trick qwestion, you don't have enough facts to answer the qwestion!


First off ain't no frickin train here in the U. S. gonna go 50 mph! Them be the slowest S. O. B's !

Now, if yer going 100 mph, you must be in Japan!

The answer is . . . they'll never go SPLATT! Too much ocean in between!!!

What is the point here?

There is not a point!

Ya see I was real good at real/normal math, the common sense math that even stupid people would use every day. THEN . . .  they, as in these brilliant educated, educators, that have nothing to do, done went and sabotaged me young, still forming mind!

"What did they do to me?"

Some where's in them overeducated minds they decide to put me in more advanced program. Algebra never made no sense to me. Hey, I'm going to be in a factory for over forty years what in the hell do I need to make sense of somethun, that makes no sense? My family comes from slopping hogs and raising taters, and maters. (potatoes and tomatoes.)

You know these overeducated ding-a-lings took me will to learn anymore, right out of me! Yes they did! I head into high school in advanced classes In Science, Math or whatever the fuck you call that advanced shite! Hells fire! I wasn't going to help send a man to the moon!

I had to redo Science and uppity Math classes. They place me back where I belong in the regular/normal/average going to work all me life in a factory class, and I done right good.  


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