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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Going to hell, in a hand basket?"

Have you ever heard this old "Going to hell, in a hand basket?"

Hey I thought it was just my mind! Don't make no sense, the hand basket part! SO . . .  I  Binged it, sure-nuff!

That plopped into my mind, and I thought. "WHAT?"   The wonderment of me, really makes me wonder, A LOT!

SoMe tImEs, well . . . most, actually all the time it CONFUSES ME! So I just go with the tide.

I love those old sayings, I grew up with.

"Going to hell" I'm sure is the modern phrase.

OH SHITE! How in hell do I follow that?

Sometimes I feel like I'm in hell. Right now I feel like that old Devil has a hold of my mind, the only word that keeps looping in me mind is, hell, hell, hell. Oh hell!


In other Glen View news, , , , , , , , , , , , There doesn't seem to be any. Oh my God, the day has arrived! Where I'm tongue tied! No!!! That can't be right! I'm typing so therefore I would be, confused, stupid, illiterate, drunk, under the influence of my nighttime meds, CONFUSED will have to do I reckon.

I suppose I best go to bed and think about it.

MAYBE! If I dream, dream, dream, I shall have something to type about, quite possible, I have many dreams.

In my dreams, I feel the power of the universe flow through me, taking me higher, and higher! I leave my old tired body, my mind carries nary a glitch. My arms morph into wings, as I sail the wind currents of my mind, visiting one, and all, in peace and harmony.

My old tired body stays in sleep paralysis, while I travel and search my way out of the hell, I've created in my existence. Heaven is my dreams, and Hell is everyday!

Ahh . . . to slowly, slip, slide away, into dreamland . . . must be Heaven! IT IS TO ME!!!!!!!

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  1. I envy you. I rarely remember my dreams, but once in awhile I have a weird one that wakes me up and I remember it for a few minutes. Maybe I need some meds to give me some of those good dreams!!