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Monday, August 11, 2014

Sleep tight and dream of better days!

Too purty a nite to sleep away. It be 75 degrees at midnight. I go get me a midnite snack. (No Barg's root beer tonite, I don't wanna get pulled over for feeling too good while drivin'. I was a mite out of it
the other nite after drinking a large rooty-tooty-root beer! What is in them things? I may have discovered me a cheap way, of feeling, too darn good!

Must be a root of something or they couldn't call it root beer. That fricking root beer was striking synapses in me head that I thought were long burnt out! Was the fourth of July!

Sassafras root or bark is used for the taste.  That explains everything!!! I sure-nuff was sassy after drinking that rooty beer!

Here is the other ingredients per Barg's own recipe. It is owned by Coca-Cola company.

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and or sucrose, caramel color, sodium benzoate, (to protect taste,) citric acid, caffeine, artificial and natural flavors.

Don't seem no different than any other sodie-pop I suppose. All sodie pop and them caffeine drinks are a turnin' us all into a bunch o fruit loops!

Here's what I think it might of been. By the time Friday rolls around old Glen be tiirreedd! I have this chronic thing happening, then you add hafting to work, being hungry, REAL HUNGRY!!!!

Yes sir ree! I was thirstier that a herd of cattle, who has not had water for days. Then they get the smell of water up ahead! ONLY, with me I smelled the uniqueness of root beer! Whow-wee! I did drink it too fast, causin' it were soo good! Add to that caffeine, incidentally which is not in all root beer. "BELIEVE IT OR NOT!"

I think it must of been that Sassafras ingredient! Must a done went and done somethun to an old tired man with many disorders of the mind and body!!! Oh! I did also read, sassafras root, sassafras bark or other artificial ingredients. Ah-oh! Other artificial ingredients scare this here predicament out of me.

It is now two days later, time for, "what is on old Glen's mind."

Damn, apparently noth-ing! Rain has fallin' on my synapses ( fire crackers ) ain't none a firing!

I reckon I'll haft to try the meditating thing, please hold as I visit that state betwixt, alive and death. where people, attempt to find deeper awareness.

It's so quiet in my house I could hear a pin drop if I could hear better! The dog has had enough of my company and is asleep. The wife has gone to work and it's just me and you. Once parties and other craziness would be on my mind. Now it's just getting through another day for the Slavemaster.

The trouble is anymore I go to sleep and don't wake up for eight to nine hours. Don't have to go to the bathroom and since I'm hard of hearing I don't hear nothing unless my little yapper be a yapping! Never in all my born days have I slept like this! It creates some beautiful dream time, which I really love!

Decided to start taking some senior vitamins, may not help, but surely cannot harm me. I try to eliminate as much salt in my diet as possible. Seems eating all meals at home is the only way to do that. I have gotten use to not using salt at home on nothing. Not even on my favorite fried taters, nor anything I prepare at home.

I bought a sandwich at the convenience store the other day for lunch at work. I looked at the salt content before nuking it and there was1300 mg's of sodium. This was a larger than normal cheeseburger. I said nope! I did not eat it. I give it to my chocolate lab who stays outside and DAMN!!! It be a damn good thing I keep him in plenty of fresh water! He seemed to of bloated up a bit on that cheeseburger!!!

Let's see if I have any thoughts for today floating around.

You know I think I've finally figured out why these new convenience store are being built real close to these big ass super duper Wally's World's. You can zip in and zip out if yer in a hurry for the necessities, such as milk, cigarettes, monster caffeine drinks, bottled water, lottery tickets, regular sodie-pop and gasoline. The ones being built around me are stocking more and more of what the old mommy and poppy stores use to have.  See--- it--- is--- MORE CONVENIENT, even though you're going to pay more. Who the hell wants to spend time in one of them "wander around stores!"


Sleep tight and dream of better days! Yeah right!

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