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Friday, August 22, 2014


I need a reason, to place my feet solidly on the ice cold floor, during each hot, August morn

For, I do mourn, every morn, I know not why

Always. . .  been, this way



Can't shake 'em

What, others cannot see

In front of their nose

Don't . . . or won't

The scent is sight-fully true

Easier, to . . . ignore

Truth digests, too mournfully

What to do

Do nothing, it'll recede

Be lost at sea

One tiny droplet

Forever gone

Forever . . . is only, a little while

Then returns, as a big wave

The answer my friends, not blowin', in the wind, it's installing radiant heating, so when yer feet hit the floor, they be toasty ass warm, whether a hot August morn, or a -10 January!!!!! 

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