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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still a Rambling!

Can't believe it's November already! June, July and August produced record temperatures well over 100 degrees and low humidity, here in the Heartland, most or should I say 'moist' unusual. Wind and cooler weather is giving us a tad of what lies ahead, brrrrr. Ah, I'm not acting like a wuss yet, but when it gets down in the teens or lower with that cold north western wind howling, the Bear instinct takes over.

Funny note here, when I was in my twenties a few years back. I'm not a easy wake up kind of person, now keep that in mind. Back then I had long hair and have had a beard for longer than I can count. A friend of my wife was over at our house with her boyfriend, who happen to catch a glimpse of me from the living room as I just woke up going to the kitchen. Hell I didn't know we had company, wouldn't matter anyhow to me. I sure as hell ain't going to get all prepped up! It be my house you see! Apparently, I made a lasting impression on this guy! He told our friend "I would not like to come upon him in a dark alley, he looks mean enough to go bear hunting with a switchblade!" Is that funny or what?

I'll try to get back on track but y'all that read me blog know, I don't run on no track, and that's how I like it. I like to write as if we're having a conversation. I personally think that's when I'm at my best and I wish to come across as if we're sitting by a cozy fireplace, sipping hot chocolate just friends, talking about anything and everything. (Correction No Politics.) A friend and I was talking at work tonight, he was working, I was off, I mean off the clock having a pleasant conversation. Friends you can talk to I mean truly have a two way intelligent conversation is so delightful. There is nothing I enjoy more!

One of MANY things I hate about the inevitable, unstoppable, aging process is, feeling out of place in your own world. Music, clothing EVERYTHING, I don't understand, anymore! Believe old Glen here when I say I live a laid back simple life as possible. I work while people sleep, I'm out and about making deliveries after midnight. The world sings a different tune, and I have gotten use to that song. Just yesterday I took one of my vehicles in for service during the morning rush. UWE, UWE UWE!!! I reckon I have worked the graveyard shift too long, me blood pressure was telling me, "what the hell is a matter with ya, you stupid old fart, your normally snoring bout now!" I no longer wish to fit into the hurry up and wait world of Waldo Hector Going-no-where! I've been there, done that, don't need, nor want, no more!!!

Old Glennie wants to dance to his own tune. I must work, and like to work. I feel better, sleep better.

Oh it's more than the feeling out of place, old habits die hard, don't they? Seeing ones giving less than their best, just... frost my balls! It is a sign of the times, I see it deteriorating and must let go, who gives a rat's ass! I'm getting to old, that devil has been exorcised for good HOPEFULLY!

My body has died at sea, that I can see! I wish for calm southerly breezes to guide me. I can no longer do the physical needs necessary to man my ship. My hobby so late in my life is to write whatever is in my mind. (Lordy Lordy!) My ship has modern upgrades with computers and little robot sailors manning (roboting) for me. I want to sit back, drink ice tea and take this new hobby of mine, as far as I can go. In doing so I will show you every piece of the puzzle along the journey. One can only write about what they know about, AND THAT MY DEAR FRIENDS I WISH TO DO MY WAY1 Thank you goodnight Glen. 


  1. Funny how time slips away .......

    Funny how I live wayyyyyy south and yet it was much cooler here this past summer. You would think if you were in the 100's then we would be 110 or better. Hopefully your winter will not be too harsh.

    As for feeling out of place in the world. I've been pondering that for awhile too and I might write a blog on it at some point.

    I'm glad you always write what YOU want to write. That is what kept me coming back here long before I ever spoke.

    I likesssss your style dear Professor !!

    Have a beautiful week my friend.

  2. You know, somehow I cannot picture you looking mean enough to go bear hunting with a switchblade. I picture you more as a cuddly teddy bear ! I guess because reading your blog for as long as I have, I have seen the softer side of you. Not to mention all the very nice words you have left for me which shows me what a caring person you are ........ nah, looks can be deceiving. You were just the poor bear who woke up from hibernation and had not had time to comb your fur !

  3. I once had a bad temper because of a job. I was forced to stand my ground. I've gone through many personal
    changes in the last 20 years, or so. Yes, you have seen my old softie cuddly bear side through my posts, and I would like to think that as me now! Still going through changes, I think one continually learns and must adapt! Thanks C yer pal G.