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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Something I wish to say...

Trying to post every day, but DAG-GONE IT, seems stuff gets in my way.. you know what I mean! The busiest time of the year is upon where I'm employed. I've been feeling much better physically, and in tune with life mentally. I've lost 40 lbs this year, and pushing myself gently, in many ways. An example is using a manual pallet jack to move skids, instead of an electric one. Numerous little things in the course of a day to burn more calories, and nudge my body into better shape. Seeing what I can still do without going overboard. I have not taken any pain pills in over six weeks. I use to take six a day.

Yesterday, man oh man... how I love, saying, or typing that word! Yes, I was a Beatles fan! Growing up in the sixties one could not help, but to be. Yesterday, I go to work a half hour early, and work over 4 hours. How did I do it? I've been pacing myself, slowing down a tad, you know! Also I've found out it's better for me to eat 5 or 6 small meals, it keeps my metabolism consistent. I have found that a 12 ounce can of regular sodas can give me the needed jolt, between the caffeine and sugar, plus helps my aches and pains. I truly believe the weight loss has affected me in an amazing manner, mentally and physically--- YEE-HAW!!!

I have been writing, but too tired to finish what I start. I must keep a steady schedule as far as sleeping, so the overtime I've been working has messed my schedule up, but in a good way, still knowing I can if needed. Also, a little extra money around Christmas, sure as hell don't hurt does it?

Since I'm updating my life, I may as well tell my friends out there, WHO are strange enough to read my whatch-a-ma-call-it, ramblings, that come out of my head, through, my fingers and somehow get to you! Is that totally amazing or what? Well not to this here young generation, but to us older ones, it be AMAZING!

Ya see how I get sidetracked there was something I was about to say, and the smell of chicken I'm cooking confused my thoughts. Well I'll just ramble a mite and see what happens. Oh yes, where I work we are in our busiest time. I'm getting one of them De-ja-what, or is it who? Oh no! Pardoon, a silly old fart, that be me! One of them dejavu moments, seems like I already wrote, "we are in our busiest times at work!"

I need to go to the bathroom and check on my chicken, now... where was I? Oh shit! Amma, I going to have to start over, Wow something sure seems, like I have been there, done that, thought that, or typed that before.

You know, OR I hope you know, I have pullling (Ah oh! One too many l's, in pulling, I think I'll leave it in! Why? Because it be my post and I can do ANYTHING, I want! Surry... I be a feelun... too good... for me breeches! Oh... never mind... I ain't wearing any! Why? I ainna, gonna, go there!)

I'm getting AWFULLY SLEEPY! I may not be able to continue and tell you something, that I keep fergetting.


Well this old man, that be me! Glen has beeen doing some maintenance work on this machine, since he went to night shift, 9 years ago. Actually, it not be as GLORIOUS, as it sounds!!! I call myself the "GREASE-A-NATOR." This machine has over 300 grease points, and apparently them foools, (There goes an xtra letter again!") could not find them grease points. I made the mistake of finding them, and shooting some grease in them, and somehow found myself doing maintenance, and then, one thing led to another. Apparently that machine started sending e-mails, that it liked me, and well... before you know it, I be a fixing other things on old "Betty Lou." Yeah, that's what I call her. (YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? SORRY, STUPID IMPRESSION OF MINE. Terminator, Grease-a-nator, it sounded much better in my head!!! )

Damn, I be a mite too windy on a Friday night! I would be doing some light maintenance work on some machinery AND... AND... taking care of the warehouse in this small company I work for. My two fav-o-rite jobs of all time, be these two positions, both I have done in the past.

I suppose this does not seem like a big deal to y'all out there, remember I be over 60 years old, in a place where they hire only young-ins. SO for an old whipper snapper like me, to be wanted, and thought of, is pretty... pretty... fucking... mind... numbing...! So I be excited, and should be starting my new position sooon. I say sooon, because these youngins they hire, have been dropping like flies after spraying RAID!!!

SO SOOON, I MAY BE BACK ON A NORMAL SCHEDULE. I ONLY HOPE I DO NOT RETURN TO WHATEVER NORMAL WAS, 9 YEARS AGO. I cannot remember 9 years ago, that be too many yesterdays for this gray haired old man to remember. I don't see any changes here on GlenView, causin I like visiting with ya, and having FUN! I'm having more fun than an old fart like me should have. AIN'T THAT A HOOT!!!      GoOd NiGhT, mY fRiEnDs! (In case you can't read my typing it says "GOOD NIGHT MY FRIENDS.)

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  1. First, YAYYYYYYYYYYYY on the weight loss. I am so proud of you for sticking with this and finding ways to help yourself get healthier. I'm thinking you will be around for a long time and you will just get better and better !

    I hope you enjoy the new shift if you end up taking it, but I can imagine it will take some getting used to after being on the graveyard shift.

    You might miss those late night drives and stops at the convenience stores to see the strange night creatures who hang out in the dark .

    I hope you will still find a bit of time to write. I should die if Glen View did not exist!!