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Friday, November 30, 2012


This little taste of my life has morphed into me being totally honest, at being myself. An examination into the mind of a 61 year old, at being myself, an uncanny way of releasing my emotions and opinions at the end of the day. I reckon one might call it a diary, but somehow goes way beyond what I ever imagined a diary to be, having never kept one! A day in the life of Glen, told through his emotions. WOW talk about REALITY! From the farthest reaches of the empty caverns in my little used cranium, to the center of my chest to the very essence of whom I am!!! OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I CREATED???


The word haphazard has been stuck in the storefront window of my mind. I know why... but was trying to avoid it. Each day of avoidance has become a flashing neon sign, becoming bigger and BIGGER, I can't avoid it any longer. I have been trying to write what I feel about a certain individual at work. The simple fact that a man in his early fifties and working for a company all his life... YET KNOWS, SO LITTLE ABOUT """EVERYTHANG!!!""""

Loyalty and showing up for work every day is his forte. While the rest of us take our allotted vacation days, earned days off and such, not this man! Apparently this job is his life! I find that so SAD! Why? Somehow he was put in a position.... requiring leadership, and he has none!

It's so unfathomable to me to understand in the least HOW, a person can be around others, half a century, yet be so out of touch with the simplistics. I write this feeling mad at myself, for feeling this way, however; saying anything different would be a lie! I have given this individual more chances than 10 cats have lives. I'd come home feeling distraught at this one of a kind. (GOD I HOPE!) I'd sleep on it with my new found peace of mind and start over again giving this person whom I'll call Wee Willy, or should I call him Silly Willy?

While out driving my work truck in the early AM hours, I thought about this. At this time off the day with virtually no traffic out is when my mind is the clearest, like glacier water, clear, fresh. I feel so sorry for Wee Willy, how can such a person be? Then a simple thought hit me that rectified this matter.

Our young people are graduating high school with out the necessary skills taught. How after 12 years of learning can almost adults be so incompetent at the basic things. These young people have been passed on year after year, because no one knows what to do with them, so they slip through the cracks of learning, never achieving the basics of an education.

Well ya see, seniority in my opinion don't mean diddly-squat!!! To give someone a position of authority based on being at a company the longest is totally illogical/asinine/STUPID!!!  A person in a leadership role has to be able to manage... all that comes at him! That means people and all aspects of the title!

I'm old school, I tell people what I think! The Indians cannot be running the tribe!!! The Chief must be in charge... knowing what the fuck he's doing! There's this thing called respect! Respect is earned like leadership, not given!


HAPHAZARD; characterized by lack of ORDER or PLANNING, by IRREGULARITY, or by RANDOMNESS; determined by or dependent on CHANCE; AIMLESS...............................   

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  1. I often wonder how some people make it to leadership positions. It boggles the mind sometimes. After all, look at those who are running this country. How in the world have we Americans been so stupid that we keep electing incompetent people? And I agree with you, just because someone has been somewhere for years, does not make them the best candidate for a job. Is your company "union" by chance??