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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feeling Mighty Good!!!

Feeling right good at this moment! Yippee... I.,  A., partners! I'm not sure what I'll say nor where I'm gonna go! That be the way I like it, spontaneous. I like that word spontaneous. I'm gonna look up the definition, in my old, Webster's New World Dictionary. If I like the definition I'll go with it, and if-fa I don't I'll come up with a little somethun... somethun.. of my own.

SPONTANEOUS be, 1 acting in accordance with or resulting from a natural feeling, impulse, or tendency, without any constraint, effort, or premeditation.   (Help me now, I've hit the mother load!!!) 
2 having no apparent external cause or influence; occuring or produced by its own energy, force, etc. or through internal causes; self-acting
3 growing naturally without being planted or tended; indigenous; wild  (I reckon I can throw this meaning out, but I do like that word indigenous!, Yes, I do!) 

OH SHIT!!! Guess what lies beyond spontaneous? Spontaneous combustion, I remember seeing a documentary about human spontaneous combustion. I've been mad enough, I thought I was going to burst into flames, I've had a high temperature, I've been in heat this past summer that I thought I was going to fry as if an egg! This here human spontaneous combustion was saying people catch fire supposedly from within and become charcoal! Makes one wonder about such silly nonsensical things! Hell we know it had to be Aliens with their Fry Daddy or Grandma Death Ray Gun! Sometimes them documentaries must think we the people are plum stupid!!!

Spontaneous definition #1 YEP THAT BE ME! Although I have tried meditation, but this says "premeditate." Let me think, pre... means before. I've heard of premeditation on Perry Mason as in Lawyering lingo and Detective shows. So if you do somethun before you meditate, you must spend all your time in meditation, thinking about the pre part. Yikes, I like my meditation to be about relaxing, peaceful, puppy dogs and good dreams! Oh my goodness, gracious, God almighty! Them premeditators be thinking before they get happy in meditation about committing dastardly evil stuff! NO! NO! I certainly don't do any of this premeditation stuff! I BE ALL SPONTANEOUS ALRIGHT, AND WE CAN LEAVE OUT THEM ALIENS RUNNING RAMPANT WITH THEIR HUMAN DEATH RAY GUNS!

Dfinition #2 Of course it has to come from within with its own energy.. duh! You think some wandering spirit, like in Automatic Writing shoots inside your head!!! I don't need no more lost souls, or as I call them Missfits, residing in my head I have accumulated the allowable maximum! That's why I can do this spontaneous bit, because I have what is called spontaniety.  

I went back and read this a couple times, I have no fricking idea what it says or means! It did come out unrehearsed, unorchestrated, planned, or premeditated. I reckon there is some kind of energy or force in my body most likely some of that etc. stuff! Since the dictionary never finishes spelling that word etc.


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  1. It's good to know you are feeling mighty good dear Glen :-)

    I am sorry I have not written much lately. There is much going on with various family issues at the moment and the stress levels are high. I haven't felt much like writing, but I did post a few bird pictures this evening.

    Have a very nice week.