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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teflon Man

Well let's see what be on old Glen's brain today. I got up, went to work, came home, ate some chicken and deviled eggs, feed the dog, took my meds, and know I'm typing this. Rather easy to write about my day, so I reckon I'll be telling you goodnight.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ain't nuthin to this here riting stuf! Man! I should of started earlier than 58! Just say what's on your mind, don't worry about spelling, or all the other proper things... I nerver knew anyhow, whew doggie, I feel sillier than Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies show, after a quart of moonshine. Y'all do know what moonshine is, don't ya? No! No! No! It ainna showing some one the shine on your buttocks, as my hero Forrest Gump would say! You know, dropping yer breeches, showing some one your arse! Moonshine be hard liquor, it'll tickle your innards all the way down, and make you holler "yee-haw"! It be so powerful you can run your pick up truck on it.

Damn, this post went by the wayside awfully fast! Just like... I like it! I been in a right nice mood, nye onto 30 days now. Don't know why don't care, I'LL take it. The only thing I can wrap my mind around is, it is the side effect of the medicine I took while sick, awhilst back. (PLEASE DON'T PAY NO ATTENTION TO PROPERNESS! I feel like letting 'er rip!!!

I did have one bad moment about a week ago. I started getting madd, yep... hard to believe ain't it? I figured out a solution to a work problem, and made some changes at another plant of arn. (ours) Anyway's after some hard work, and hard thinkin on my part, somebody went and screwed it up! (You just knew... I was going to say fucked it up didn't ya?) Dad burn it... I reckon... I did say "fucked it up after all"! Shit! Here I been trying to stop cussing, damn it!!!! OOPSEY, big time, I best mooove on!

Old Glen was getting per-turd-ed. (That spelling seems to fit my meaning better!) Yep! I thought I was going to blow my new found peace! I had to vent me a little steam. Yes I did! I found myself talking to myself. (I know! I know! Hard to believe!) Then, I say... THEN... I remembered some good news I had about where's I work. I said "jump back devil get away from ME!" I stop at one of my fav Convenient Stores on the way back from my delivery. I delivered me some cashews and a diet coke zero into me belly. Um, um, had to make sure my venting was over, ya see!

There has been more occasions where I use to, would of blown a fuse. I be, TIRED of that crap! I gotta roll with the punches, like water off a ducks back, become... the 'Teflon Man'! That every day fricking crappola, ainna gonna stick, if you don't let it stick! So I say here and 'Now' to the world, after 61 years young "you devils get back, and outta my way! No more pulling my rope to release steam!"


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  1. Well we all get mad from time to time and we all say those four letter words every now and then. It's just the way it is I guess. It's the one's who use them as their everyday language , like every other word is the F word that can be annoying.

    I agree with you that it is best not to let things get to us. It is usually not worth the stress it causes.

    I like that title Teflon Man .

    Have a great day my friend.

    Sorry I have been gone for a few days. I am trying to catch up with your posts this week.