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Friday, November 2, 2012

Late Halloween Post!

Test! Test! Test! Are you sure you're in the right place? Ah, ha, ha, ha, a little GlenView humor there, in case you wasn't sure where ye be! Well come on down! Have a seat, oh, never mine, you're most likely already sitting! Hey, it takes me a while to stir up a thought, I'm getting old and work the graveyard shift. I wonder, ah oh, a synapse may be firing! I wonder why, they call it the graveyard shift?

I must ponder for a second............ We all know what a graveyard is! Shift, is to shift gears, like on my old Ranger 5 speed, or gears on my work truck.

I'm always a day late and ten dollars short! I should of wrote about this a day or two earlier, before Halloween! So if we have a graveyard that shifts gears, what in hell does that tell us? Is them you know, I just can say it, are they boogying, as in dancing to the graveyard shuffle? Oh my! It's another fine mess I find myself in! Let me see if I can write my way out of it.

I see mighty strange bodies/aliens/ghost/etc. Oh my! You don't reckon them ones parked on the outside ring of the graveyard, in their non-wheels, that take you, for the last ride of your life, take turns, and are out among us? Who in this world would even think up such a lame brain idea?????

"Hello it's me, I've been right here for the longest time." (What was that all about? Don't you just hate when a few words of old songs pop into your head?)

Hey! Laugh if you will! (Actually I hope you at least grin, come on, you can do it!) That's why I'm writing my Halloweenie story late. Man, when you're having fun, or been in a drunken stupor for three weeks, like me, TIME FLIES!!!

I had some kind of thought I was about to make, before that fricking song fricked me up!

Something about people, lets recap to recapture, ohh that's what recap means to recapture what was lost. Did you know that?

Test, thought, sit, graveyard shift. I went back and read this post, damn if I know what I'm talking about!

I see people out late at night, I'm talking after midnight till daylight. Spooky... I'd imagine! Sometimes, I have trouble with my bifocals focusing properly, so I don't like to really, get a good, truly focused look, because what I'm seeing scares me already! You know what I'm saying!

I know why they call them Convenient Stores. They make them Convenient Stores every where, so them Night Walkers will come.

Now that I'm thinking, why is it that all them delivery trucks, deliver at night? Think about that! There's probably be a back room, no, no, no I just hit the mother lode! Graveyard, basements, under the local Convenient Stores, can't you see the connection here. Supplies for the underground, Night Walkers. Man oh man, am I on a roll!

I have a heap of synapses firing now, it looks like Fourth Of July night at the fireworks show!


Graveyard shift, maybe that means, after dark! HUH! HUH! HUH! SORRRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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