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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Rambler

Once upon a time there was a automobile manufactured in the U. S. of A. called the Rambler made by American Motors. (I see my pals out there shaking your heads. You're thinkin poor old man has lost it!) If my 120 year old brain inside my body that feels 80 is correct! Its 3AM so I'll let you be the judge! Also this Manufacturer (I like saying that word the end part sounds like a dog a growlin don't it! Urrr errr urrr errr!)  Can't you see or hear that! What am I gonna do with you people? Imagination R Us! Right! Or you would not be visiting Glen View. I have at least three readers out there, of which I know two personally and there is one living on a peninsula. I think that means ink pen in one of them African countries called Sula! No! I ask my Yorkshire Terrier from Yorkshire England, he said, and I quote "rrright"!  Shish I can't remember all the countries out there! I got a hit from Moldova the other day. By the way Moldova "how ya doing over there snuggled alongside Russia?"

I think I'm a descendent of this automobile the Rambler. Americam Motors also made such classics as the Hornet, America's favorite, the Gremlin. These classics go the way of the Yugo! I absolutely love that name! A really cute name for an automobile. Don't you get it! You + go = Yugo. Most unfortunate the automobile did not live up to its cute name! Oopsey! My dog just informed me that was not how the Yugo got its name! Well how else would it get the name Yugo? The only other thing I can can think of is, something that has been said to me with anger to me is, "YOU GO to hell!" I believe my intelligent Yorkshire Terrier no matter where his roots are from, is wrong!

I been playing with y'all long enough! My tired old American Mind! (Yep I meant to say that!) Is going the way of them old classics! Damn near forgotten, and I do "ramble" when I write! Actually I ramble every fricking moment while awake! Too much penicillin as a child I reckon!

Speaking of penicillin! Mom would take us kids to a former Army Dr. No matter what was wrong with you, you received a shot of penicillin and some carry out penicillin pills to go. I had a lot of colds and ear aches. Back then you simply show up at the Dr.'s office wait your turn for the pen in your arm while you're chilling. Oh shit! OH! OH! OH! Do you see what I see? I bet you don't! Pen + in, as in needle + being cold, as in shaking/chillin! Pen-in-chillin! WOW-ZA!

You understand now why I call myself The Rambler! Because I ramble! Damn it! I don't like it! It just happens. I don't think its a hereditary trait because I ask my Mother what she thought about once and to please tell me about her childhood, her answer was ""nothing!"" She said she can't remember ""NOTHING!"" I ABSOLUTELY MUST REPEAT THAT ONCE MORE """"NOTHING!"""" Hey I don't lie about anything concerning me Mum! I ask her once more last summer after she came home from the hospital to be sure they have not done brain surgey! Answer "nothing!" I just want to be sure that was perfectly clear?

My Dad! What can I say about my Dad? Hillbilly with minimal schoolin. What pretty much sums him up! A poor uneducated Hillbilly! Damn! I feel sorry for my Daddio! Life was against him from the time he was born!

Oh my Goodness! I just figured out why I be me! I have the bestus Mommy in the world, but she doesn't think about NOTHING! Have mercy! Lord have mercy! The last human being on earth that has not ben brainwashed! God I'm so proud of her! I just summed up my Dad.

I'm cured I'm free for the first time in my life I understand why I'm me! I was born free! Don't you see! A Mommy who thinks nothing! A Dad who's a poor uneducated Hillbilly! Oh my! In the modern era they would not call him a Hillbilly!

He would be labeled CHALLENGED,  big time in today's world of labeling! Hillbilly = challenged! Poor = challenged! Uneducated = ding, ding, ring him up! my Daddio would be the CHALLENGE KING!

Mercy sakes alive! That be my ancestrial roots as in my father's mother talking. That would be something she would say! There ain't no wonder old Glen is the way he is! 

I be poorly designed, uneducated, no thinkin and challenged big time! I could of been or am representative of the poster boy for American Motors!

I know understand my destiny I was supposed to be a Politician! Ding! ding! ding! ding! (hahaha!)



  1. Hi Mr. Glen!

    Just thought I'd let you know I'm still reading all your goofy-ness......ha, ha!

    Your blog is STILL one of the first I look for each morning, keep up the good work!

    Your buddy, Avops

  2. Loved "listening" to you ramble today. My dad owned two Ramblers in his lifetime, both station wagons. The second one he bought was his first brand new car he had ever owned. All the others had been used. He was so proud of that car. Thanks for reminding me of another "good" memory from way back when.

  3. Ha! Nice post....(Yugo-slavia(duh))