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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Body, Mind and Soul!

A big HELLO, my friends! I'm taking a few days off to rest my body, mind and soul. My old body well is getting old! Scars from physical work, injuries, arthritis, ailments so on and so forth has taken there toll. My mind! Holy Toledo! My mind was shot from the day I was born! From within the jeans, (Oopsey genes!) Inherited from my hillbilly side of the family! Hey I'm just stating facts here! Alcoholism with some mental disorders thrown in! My other side tries to counter them mental disorders! It's a battle every day! Except while I'm sleeping. I truly believe that is my saving grace and luckily always has been! Books and dreams have produced me and given me my imagination, thank goodness! Mental disorders, who gives a shit! I just work around them! Except for them mental disorders I work with (haha!) My soul, what can I say about my soul! I try to write from deep within my heart and soul! Whether it be serious or funny, I will give my all! Of that you can always be sure of! To me there is no better present to give than the giving of yourself to others! My biggest thrills when reading others work is when we're completely in tune with what their writing. I'm saying halleujah! That's right! Amen! We're one and able to hit the most beautiful notes together! We ride the same wave of thought, if only for a moment to it's glory! We light a cigarette and ride the climax! Wow! What a feeling!!! To step into another's soul is wonderful! We sense the truthfulness from their words! The truthfulness echoes through the canyons of our own soul! Humor is alike, yet different! There is many different kinds of humor. Some I don't get! But when your own sense of humor strikes a chord with others, a charge comes back to you! (I know you're thinking what! Humor is wonderfully refreshing and allows others to see another part of your soul!)     

I come into this hobby extremely late in life but intend to enjoy it to it's fullest! My present to all my friends out there is my short story "The Flame". Everything I am, I put into that one story! Actually I thought at the time I wrote it, that would be my one and only story. It's based on an actual apartment and once I finished it, that would be that! However that story opened up a new joy and I'll probably never understand why! But who cares! There is an old saying "never look a gift horse in the mouth!" I intend to ride this present I have received in my old age and not question it! I wish to ride it out and see how high I can fly and hope you're along with me for the ride! My present from deep within my heart and soul is to be "ME"!    GOODNIGHT AND DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE! Glen

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  1. I am glad you are taking a few days off. Everyone needs to rest and relax from time to time.