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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meditation, Dreams & Enlightenment!

I just read the newspaper, didn't learn a thing! Don't watch T. V. I definitely know I won't learn a thing there! Been relaxing, meditating (Yeah I meditate!) What's a matter you think crazy ones like me don't meditate? Who says meditation has to be the sitting on the floor on a little hard mat! I'm a big man and it hurts my heinie! Damn! I can't cross my legs! I'm not a young and sinewy! Shit! Even if I could contort my body into the meditative pose, how the hell am I gonna meditate, I would be in so much pain I would cry out and use very un-meditative words! Any way ain't going to happen!

Let me describe my idea of meditation. I have several ways! Is not the whole purpose to create a comfortable relaxing atmosphere for the mind and body, to become one with yourself and feel the universe through your mind? Right! I hope that is the point, because that's what I do! I would hate too think that I have been doing it wrong!

I know! I may be getting a might sidetracked here, but hells fire that ain't nothing new is it? Okay! Okay! Okay! The point I wish to make is! When people smoke Mexicali roll your own and they get messed up on it, man oh man! They're feeling loose and able to solve all of the world's problems! Is that meditating or medicating? (Sometimes I get confused! If the drugs you buy at the Drug Store are legally purchased there okay! But! If there from Mexico there not! So confusing!) They sure are relaxed, big time! How about everybody's favorite alcoholic! Better than that, how about a few of my cousins at my family picnic on the fourth of July. By fireworks time, Jim Bob, Ray Bob, Earl Bob and Bob Bob Jr. have solved all the world's problems and are passed out from drinking my free alcohol! (Hum! Maybe that's what we need to do to the leaders of the world! Invite them over to one of my family picnic's and let my cousins drink with them! Just a thought!) They take a shot of whiskey and chase it with a Budweiser! I ask my alcoholic cousins "what is the purpose?" All four look at each other laughing at such a silly question! Hell! The truth is they have been doing this for so long they don't recall! 

When I have a tough day physically at work I come home and lay down on my Sealy Posturpedic Meditating Mattress. My body cries out in pain! When my body cries out in pain, I don't like it! I must quiet my big body and get it relaxed as soon as possible. Years of trial and error has produced what I call the Tired BIG Man Meditative State. Now this here technique is not prescribed by Doc. Glen View for you skinny ass, sinewy, in good shape young whippersnappers! (You young skinny asses can go sit on the hard ass floor, on your little bitty mat with no padding! Assholes!) As my bad back relaxes along with my bad knees, hell my whole body! My mind's enjoying the comfort of not having to think about the pain. It becomes happy and believe me I absolutely love when my mind is happy! This takes about one hour, oh! oh! oh! I almost forgot an important part, my poochie curls up beside me and helps me to relax! It's during these meditative excursions, after the pain dies down some, that I get some of my ideas and feel at peace with the world! Damn! It feels so good! To get into this type of meditation I have to be dead ass tired and old Glen don't like being dead ass tired, huh uh! But to appreciate the the difference I must go through the bad to get to the good! This is not my preferred method! INTERESTING NOTE* AFTER THIS TYPE OF PAINFUL TO RELAXINATION STATE OF MIND I GO TO MY COMPUTER AND WRITE WHAT I CONSIDER MY BEST POSTS. AS THE PAINS OF MY BODY SUBSIDES, MY MIND IS FREE! I LOVE THIS PART!

Okay I allow myself to not be rudely awakened by an alarm clock. I work night's and wake up when I wish! My dream state is terribly important to me! I wake up but decide to lie back down. I'm so relaxed my mind goes wherever it wishes. I find myself approximately once a week entering into a state where I can't move my body. I've heard it referred to as sleep paralysis. My body temperature is low. I wake up temporarily and realize I'm in this state. It feels, so damn good! I go into a dream that is so real, beautiful, amazing! Words cannot do justice to these dreams! Perhaps this is not meditation, but believe me when I say this! NOTHING in my life compares to this state of mind, meditation, dreaming, whatever it is!

There lies beyond our normal consciousness other worlds to explore in the meditative or dream state, of this I have bo doubt! I've read of Shamans that are in this state for enlightenment! There are certain natural plants that help them into this state. Perhaps there are other realms, realities! I'm too simple a man to understand. However my dreams open up the possibilities they are real! At least to me!

Perhaps enlightenment so magnificent has been kept from us by certain ONES! I certainly believe this to be true! Perhaps, we the workers bees are being held down from enlightenment so beautiful we can't imagine! I hope we can wake up before it's too late! Until then I'll meditate in my own way and hope you do to! To my friends throughout the world goodnight! Glen

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  1. Interesting how you say that after your meditation time is when you do your best writing. I seem to do my best writing when I am depressed and lately I have been rather upbeat if not happy haha. And lately I can't seem to sit down and write a thing. I sure don't want to have to get depressed again in order to write again !!!