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Saturday, January 28, 2012


My oh my! I can't believe I actually allowed myself to post that last post. Oh well! Win some, lose some! Damn it were fun! My mind seems to be blank at this moment. Too much water drainage, I reckon. I'm full of the medicine Lasik, a medicine that takes off excess fluid from my body. That's why I found yesterday's post funny. My chest cavity is full of fluid causing shortness of breath and dizziness. Don't need no more dizziness, I be too damn dizzy already!

I'm not finding it hard to think, usually my mind is full of a hodgepode of everything. Rather Twilight Zone strangeness tonight, I must say. I wish to see where I go with this, but nothing is taking hold. I be like one of them big balloons with the man in the little basket, only he fell out during take off and the balloon is sailing up, up and away! The balloon sails without guidance. Extremely strange fogginess, very new to me. This be better than meditation, such calm, no brain waves. Am I flat lining and I'm unaware of it?

Surely I can whip up some Political foolishness. Didn't waste my time with The State Of The Union Speech. You take the best speech writers money can buy and a brilliant orator/salesman and what do you get? Ah come on!!! I absolutely cannot comprehend "supposedly" intelligent people educated here in the U. S. A. buying the shenanigans and foolery! (Light comes on above my head.) That be the answer right there! We have been taught to trust certain ones in our lifetime. Taught to never question authority from our Teachers, Doctors, Police, Politicians etc.

It be OUR way or the highway approach in leadership in Washington! We need to start washing them leaders by the ton! We need to send all the grandma's of this country to Wash-ing-ton wooden rolling wooden pins, to knock the snot out, and wash all the s-h-i-t, outta the Politicians. Every fricking day Politicians say this, say that! They be taking up space and using up our air! The pollution coming outta their mouths. No wonder we need new clean air standards! I betcha if you measured the quality of air above The House and Senate, ain't even going to mention the big house, you would by far exceed the normal standards by millions of parts per Polluterticians! (Ah, ha, ha, ha1 You think o'l Glen is a jiving ya, don't ya?)

You know what frost me balls! Oopsey! Can I say that? It It be my Blog, so why not! I've heard college students say "I'm studying Political Science!" Have mercy child! You already fried your fricking brain! There ain't no science in anything political! Even at the local level in my community, its soo evident how the POO--litical system works! Please read my words. We start with $$$$ to get someone elected to do the bidding of ones with $$$$. This be the rich in the community and them rich have made all their $$$$ off of we the POOR in the community. Now that be P-o-l-i-t-i-c-a-l Interpretation 101 from the Professor of Simpleology! U-know I ainna gonna lie to ya! So you start at a local level, state level and then you might make the major league of Polluter-ticians. Yep! Washington once you make the big leagues, there be no hope for them! They do the De-Vils bidding! What be the De-Vils work? Damn people don't ya know nothing!!! These De-Vils are the richest De-Vils of the world! These De-Vils play World Monopoly with countries and billions of people. It be a game to them baby! They be playing with our lives and money like we poor people play the board game! I know what you're saying this crazy S. O. B. is fricking nuts and I say Amen! Brothers and sisters of de world! Can't y'all smell the manure and feel that somethings not right, Damn! With age we're suppose to gain some insight into the world and how the wheels really turn! Republicans and Democrats, we don't like one so we'll vote in the other party. That be like committing suicide and can't make the decision to blow you're fricking head off with a shotgun or a rifle! Your a goner! They use OUR elected officials to make US think we really have a choice this ain't a supermarket! Its smoke and mirrors, the best magicians rob us blind as we listen to OUR loyal ELECTED Puppets of the mighty, the SELF-PROCLAIMED KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE WORLD!!! Once again who are they? Damn baby, they sure as hell ain't gonna be hob nobbing with us at the local convenient store buying gasoline! They own then fricking stores and the oil and the land and the Polluter-ticians of the world! We 'll never see these De-Vils! They'll be on their yachts, jets, on their very own island. I'll just betcha they even have their very own underground luxurious hideaways in case of a major catastrophe that they themselves orchestrated! We all know that they have underground bunkers for our ELECTED polluters of evil! Dah!

I wonder what they do around the globe when big snake pits are found with venemous snakes! Do they just walk on by and hope one day they'll go away or die out? Do they throw in animals like sacrifices to hold the evil entities away? Do they throw in all their gold and children yet to be born?

Let's PRETEND for a moment! Come on! Humor crazy ass Glen for a sec! Be it John Wayne in a western movie. The Duke comes upon a pit of rattle snakes close to the town he is Marshaling. He would say "get all the kerosene in town, throw in the prairie weed and mesquite firewood we're gonna have us a snake roast, burn them De-Vils and send them to hell!!!"


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  1. *SMILES* ...... you allowed yourself to post that last post because you are FREE Glen and I cannot imagine you hesitating to post most anything.