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Friday, July 1, 2011


Whow-wee ain't the challenges of life FUN! Without challenges we can't appreciate the GOOD TIMES. Something as simple as putting in a day's work and coming home to relax with a glass of tea, wine, or a cold one, is WOMDERFUL!!! Don't take such fundamental pieces of the puzzle of LIFE for granted. We ain-na, gon-na, have everything we wan-na out of life so just throw that notion out the backdoor, cast that devil out, that's right! Now that wer're thinkin clearly. You can't buy happiness, you can't create happiness, But you can-na create moments of glorious pleasure. You are askin me right know, okay Mr. Smarty Pants how? So Im-ma gon-na tell ya'all.

Pleasure just ain-na the curling of your toes feeling you have after sex and the big O u-know... The newness of cuddly, snuggly, cutie pie, sweetness stuff ain't forever, old Doc Glen View is a-telling ya! Hell no! The real part of living is after the youthful abyss of ignorance subsides, REALITY hits you smackdab in the face. Life baby! is paying them bills, raising them rug-rats, teaching them kiddies morals and life's lessons. Your petty wants become secondary to being a mother or father. If your a real man, or a real woman, you should be able to appreciate the beauty and pleasure your bestow to you. The moment of relaxation of a nice hot bath, the glass of wine, the beauty of a sunset, a lovely tear jerker movie. BABY, what I'm trying to tell ya'all, you betcha ya best slow your ass down and learn to smell the smell of roses here and there. We overlook simple pleasures everyday because we have never recognized them as such, "WE" have always had them!

Little things like age crepts up on you. Your young and mighty and before you know it, you're old and failing. Then the most glorious pleasures will be the simplest. Being able to get around on your own in your own home and taking care of yourself. That's a simple pleasure someday I hope we all can enjoy. Until then, please evaluate your daily routine and find ways to enjoy the simple pleasures that someday we may lose, it's only a matter of time for all of us!!! GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS FROM DOC GLEN VIEW...                

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