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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Try Meditation "AGAIN"

Time once again is limited for my fav past-time. I would like to try this here MEDITATION stuf once more so here goes Ohm, ohmm, ohmmm, ohmmmm. I can hear mt heartbeating loudly, I gots to slow it down. Deep breathing, deep breathing.. deeper breathing... deepest breathing yet.... Damn Nich O las, (my yorkie), did you cut a fart? Ohm, ohmm, ohmmm....^__^__^__ SNORING...........................

Gosh darn it!, it happened again I be too damn tired to stay in me meditation state, I pass it right on by and go to nap-town.

I have spent a lot of time with my Mother recently one on one, trying to get her to tell me about her childhood, her thoughts. I desperately wish to get inside her head to view what makes her tick and what has made her so strong in her life!

I ask my Mom, "I really wish to write about you and especially what you have been through recently, I need to know your thoughts. please tell me"?

Mom answers, "I'm not thinking about anything".

I laugh and say, "you mean to tell me as we we're sitting outside with the wonderful warm breeze blowing through our hair, watching traffic go by, you ain't thinking one darn thing"!

Momma says, "NO", emphasizing that point, shaking her head.

I smile and say, "you wouldn't lie to your favorite Sonny Boy, would ya! I explain to her how my mind is all over the place filled with all conceivable thoughts and my brain does not rest even while I sleep because I'm dreaming and you my Momma don't think nothing!!!

Once again she says "NOPE"!!!

I smile and say "I love you Mom but you shouldn't lie to me, it ain't humanly possble to not think at all!

Momma says, "I ain't lying"!

I chuckle out loud with a belly laugh that gets her laughing with me and tell her, "well if that don't beat all. All these years I thought I was the only crazy one in this family, now I find out you're crazier than I am"!  


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