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Friday, July 15, 2011


I have an hour before I must must hit the road, I'm going to see if anything worth writing is upstairs. Surely I can come up with something funny, and it'll probably be on me. I'm going to try meditating, not medicating. OHHMMM, oohhhmmm, ooohhhmmm, oooohhhmmm,(snoring)..... (Half an hour later). Damn that there meditating is some goood stuff! I reckon, I've got that meditating down pat! Oopsey, meditating is suppose to relax you right? So I went to sleep, real quick but didn't have any visions or anything, I did hear a loud Train, then felt as though I was gasping for air. I wonder what that meant, hold on as I meditate on that and try to understand...... (snoring, gasp thru nose and wake up). Sorry I reckon I was snoring like a train because of being tired, here I thought I had mastered meditation, I apologize. So if I don't fall asleep, take really deep breathes until my body and mind roams free......... My body feels relaxed, I can't move. I feel like you do when you're beginning to wake up from anesthesia. I think I like it, yeah baby, I'm woozy like the buzz you get from alcohol. I can't move, ohh shit!!! Now what do I do? I'll go with it and let my mind go the way of my body....,,,-----____________________^___^___^^^^^^^^ I'M FLOATING AND LAND IN A HOSPITAL BED

(thump). A big ugly Nurse comes in and says "don't get out of that bed young man". I'm a young lad of maybe 12. Uuh-la-la, I feel good, no aches no pains, I question why am I in a Hospital? I'm not sick! I jump off the bed and sit down cross legged wearing one of them Hospital gowns. Uuwweee, that floor is cold on my butt! Out from under the bed comes tiny dogs, tiny cats & really really tiny Lions, Tigers, Alligators, Elephants. All the animals from a jungle but extremely small. Smaller than one finger. They are playing together and walking over my feet and hands. It was M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-O, EXHILARATING, WONDERFUL, BREATHTAKING only as dreams can be! Then, then, then from the bathroom walks a seven foot Bear & you'll never in a million years guess what else was with the Bear, arms on each others shoulders just like two beer drinking buddies that need each other to stay upright! (Are you guessing?) Aw, come on, use that IMAGINATION! I'll give you a few more seconds... don't it feel good to use that childhood imagination, you thought that was gone forever didn't you? Okay I'll tell you ..... are you ready? Are you sitting down cause here it comes! Walking from the bathroom was a seven foot Bear & & & a Bigfoot with their arms on each others shoulder just like they're two drunken Sailors out on the town after six months at sea. They come over and look at me and my world of animals from around the globe. Them two giddy looking buddies smile in happiness at me and I felt sooo, good, sooo, wonderful. There was peace, joy, contentment, euphoria, that you can only get in a dream or vision. I RECKON I COULD REALLY LEARN TO LOOVVE THIS MEDITATING STUFF!!!  As always thank you for visiting this mind I call Glen View, I hope I brought a smile to your day. That is my mission, from now on! In a world gone MAADDD, I wanna make you smile, Growing up watching Red Skeleton, we can't get enough smiles, can we? FROM ONE CHILD TO ANOTHER, GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS. OLD GLEN   

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