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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun with Words "Politician"

The timing seems right to have fun with Politicians. Very appropriate as they fight over spending OUR MONEY! The word Politician sends shivers down my body.

I absolutely love to pick a word and put my spin on the meaning as only a humble, a mite crazy, getting old and the offspring of backwoodsy parents, right here in corn country, of the good old heartland of America.

So here goes word playing from a country boy you most probably won't get nowhere anyplace else except here on Glen View.

Sometimes I prefer to go a few words ahead of my intended target, or in this case possibly hog roasting. (a small funny I slipped in on you)

PO-lice, a civil "force" (don't like that word, I'll tell you right off the bat) for maintaining ORDER. "Please stay with me now, and don't go texting or anything else as I might get on a roll". Immediatly I spot a very, very KEY word! Do you see it? PO, or POO, or POOP!!! PO-litician, PO-rk, manure, gas, POOP! Everything with PO-liticians boils down to the very basic, basics of life. PO-lice are to maintain ORDER. We all know them PO-liticians or as I'm gonna call them POOP-liticians are always "out of order", just like a CRAPPER that never flushes, away U-KNOW! The POOP-liticians flush away our hard earned money like it's toilet paper. (that's funny) The Federal Reserve prints more money as easy as Charmin does. Remember the basis of Politicians "poop".

 So leaders that are full, have a PO-licy, which means g-o-v-e-r-n-i-n-g  p-r-i-n-c-i-p-l-e. (yeah right!)

Principle means general "TRUTH"; (my ass) law; precept... (please hang tough with me because we're getting in DEEP now!)

Precept means "established principles". Wait one dag gone minute, key word LAW. Most PO-liticians are Lawyers, right!!! Huum! I have been struck by lightning. Lawyers are taught how to bend, abuse, work around them established principles. It could just be me!

PO-lite, means showing regard; cultured. PO-lite my ass, oops! I made a mistake, they're Kissey Assey to the media, especially when them cameras are present and when they get behind closed doors and do the pork barreling two step...

Culture means behavior and technology of any people; acquired ability of appreciating excellence, "HUH"!!!

PO-lite means fartful, oopsey, artful sorry!

Artful (they are full) means sly, skillful, Hum!!! Kinda self-explanatory, ain't it!!!

(Interesting side note. I mean below note) Arthritis is below artful in the Dick-o nary.

Arthritis is imflammation of the joints. Well don't that just beat all! The most inflamed joint is near my hip pocket, where I carry me billifold. No wonder I always have a pain in my ass. All those taxes I pay causes permanent inflammation in me wallet!

PO-litical means of the government and we all know, U-kow about "THE GOVERNMENT"...

PO-litician one skilled in PO-litics, and we have had a fartful of that ain't we !!!

So these Politicians have got us into a 14 trillion dollar deficit. Every day in the newspaper it shows them looking so dapper in their expensive suits with their colorful ties as they are so full of themselves haggling over more ways to ruin the average Joe's that are losing everything. They are what's wrong not the fix. They are so artful in words, blame, backdoor negotiations. Only one word comes to my mind it atarts with P and ends with P.

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