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Sunday, July 24, 2011


BIG HELLO my friends in Blogosphere, how yo DOING? I hope the world is treating you satisfactory. Once upon a time I would of asked "is the world treating you good"? Times they are a-changing, ain't they? Not a lot of time for my new and absolutely fav hobby, but I ainna complaining. They is a-lotta stuff in them there hills, I call me brain, that may be bad for you all! HA, HA! I have all these thoughts and man-oh-man they seem pretty darn good when they are up top in the ol-noodle. Getting out of my mind passed the damn keyboard and that dang c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r in words that my computer English Major Mrs. Hewletta Iaa Packardo wants is another story. I always felt uneasy in English class. I thought I communicated right good until the farther up in school I went. I was as smart as anybody in elementary school. Then, I found out what learn-in is all about. I done real good in math, history, shop class. (them shop classes are e-a-s-y) I comma fromma backwoodsy country folks. They didn't know proper English from proper Canadian U-KNOW! My Daddy's ancestrial linneage is Hill-billy, ya-who! My Daddy's favorite show on T. V.  was The Dukes Of Hazzard, so you-a can a-see-a where I'm-ma comin from. (READING THIS HERE POSTEE MIGHT SET YOU'RE BRAIN BACK A FEW POINTS BUT WHAT THE HELL, YOU AIN'T POLITICIANS YOU CAN AFFORD THE LOSS OF A FEW SYNAPSES). Me Mommie is from the Heartland where corn is now seven feet tall and it is soo hot!!! How hot is-sa it? It has been so hot you can pick freshly cooked sweet corn right off the stalk!!! HA, HA, HA! U-know, i'MMA fEeLiNg So DaNg LoOnEy I tHiNk i'Ll Go PlUm AsS nUtS oN yA'lL.

Ya ain't a tru ass hillbilly unless you have pigs and chickens running loose in yer yard. Hillbillies measur thur valu bi scrap metal and old cars settin in the front yard. Yes-sir that ther scrap metal is moonee in the bank! My Grandpa on my Daddy's side had a few acurs in the hollers. What ur a holler? A holler is the opposet of a hill and, and, (drum roll pleeaassee) you can holler all you want, cuss, Ma & Pa can fight over who gets the outhouse first every mornun... Ther ain't a neighbor clos enuf to heer or giv a rat's ass! My Granny and Grandpappy had no runnin water, no electric, when I wassa youngin. They never wont fer nothin. They raisd animuls fer meat, gruw and cannd ther own vittls. I remember them homemade biscuits and food as the best I ever ate. Bacon, taters fried in lard, basic wholesome stick to your ribs food. They-a needed REAL grub because they worked from sun up to sundown. Gasoline was 15 cents a gallon and my Grandpappy wurked in town about 15 miles away. He brung home a large block of ice every evenun fur the??? REAL ICE BOX... Yep I kid ya not.

Entertainment was the little country Church. Back then they held services at the little Pentacostal Church several nights a week and twice on Sunday. I went with them sometimes when I was a youngin and let me just say they got to dancing and shouting and they worshipped!      WHOOPSY TIME IS RUNNING SHORT, IF YOU LIKE HEARING ABOUT MY HILLBILLY ORIGINS AS MUCH AS I ENJOY WRITING ABOUT THEM PLEASE LET ME KNOW, OKEY DOKEY!!!  Your friend here at Glen View...   

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  1. Keep 'em coming Glenster, you write 'em and I'll read 'em!!! ;-)