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Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Unleash", The Child Within!!!

Hi there from the Heartland, its been a hot day here in corn country. This time of the year with hot humid nights, I believe you can see the corn growing and hear them stems crackling as they push upward. I know your thinking that old man is having a senior moment. That's an alternative explaination I'll give you, BUT if you could measure them stalks before dark and measure them stalks at daylight I'll just bet ya, it has pushed towards the heavens.

The dog days of summer are here. Why do the old timers call it dog days? I never asked any old timers when I was a pup that question, I reckon a dog is smart enough to find a shade tree and just do nothing, that's what I've always thought that saying meant.

How is it where you live, hope everything is going good for ya. I have been out of touch with the world recently. I trust the Politicians are still accomplishing nada. Still as full of themselves as always, still wars and all the evil of the world happening while I have lost touch, yep, sam-o, sam-o. Death, destruction, lies, don't miss the news one iota. As a matter of fact we all should boycott the news. How depressing, its always depressing. Ain't no wonder we're all on drugs illegal or legal, we need escape from the madness, that seems to be spreading across the world. Where do you get away from it? We must find solace! I hope my friends you can take some time each day to keep yourself grounded, life is so overwhelming at times. We must have our moments to refresh our souls and clear our minds! If we don't the problems although seemingly little start building and building, with no way of stopping life's damn irritations, it's as though these damn pesky irritating mosquitoes keep biting and no bug spray, no screening, no netting can stop them. We unknowingly allow them into our sanctuary and they take control. We try blocking them, but BABY you can't block them pesky pest! At times life comes at us from all fronts and we can't retreat. What do we do? I say we must make time, if pressure is getting to you, go take a walk, buy an ice cream cone, take your shoes off and place them in the fountain.Take the afternoon off on a scorching July day and go see that movie you been wanting to see. Find a family member to watch the children for just one night, so you and your spouse go and be naughty! What I'm trying to tell you all, is before you know it your old DAMN IT!, and life has broken you mentally, physically and spiritually... So gosh darn it, make a little time and act like a child again, that child has never left you, you have simply forgotten how to enjoy life as a child, resurrect that child before...      

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