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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I really wish to get my mind away for a spell. My intentions are to slow brain activity to a crawl. I'm relaxing without the influence of alcohol, drugs, legal or illegal. I'm drinking a lemonade and cooling down in my air-conditioning. (I absolutely love air-conditioning)  I want to summon anything that has been lying around in my subconscious. Come to Poppa is anyone home up there? For the first time in my life, my brain appears to be on minimal life support, gee whiz I would not have high blood pressure if I can keep it like this! Come on brain give me something damn it don't peter out on me now! Maybe if I meditate oohhmmm, oohhmmm, oohhmm... Please feel free to get yourself something to drink while I revive my brain in meditation.....

I have not read the newspaper or watched television or even listen to my once favorite overnight talk radio Coast to Coast and I have the feeling that I have not missed one gosh darn thing, have I? U-know in the grand scheme of things there is not one single thing that we, the average common person of the world can do, is there? We can think or worry about our individual problems and worry ourselves into an early retirement of life! What do you reckon we have solved? Not one single solitary thing! If we go to bed fretting (I like that old fashion word) and wake up in the morning we have only lost sleep and not solved one itty bitty thing, have we? U-know what I'm saying, my friends out there. It is the worrying that is a-killing us! We get all stressed and unable to carry on, so what do we do? We go to the Doctors and they put us on PILLS. Pills to cure everything, they would let us believe!

We must find hobbies. Ones that can bring out the child in us. We have lost our imagination, we have become trapped in our adult bodies. We need to quit reading the bad articles in the newspapers. Skip the front page, go directly to the comics. Get a smile before skimming for "ONLY" enlightening positive stories. Stay clear of politicians completely. Old Glen is a-telling ya as sure as Will Rogers stated close to a century ago. The Politicians are full of manure u-know that, we all know that! There all the same.

Television is killing us, we are saturated with unlimited channels of brain washing crap. I have completely quit watching news, even the weather forecast I find assinine. Why do we need a 24 hour weather channel, you got to be kidding me... With all the channels I can not find much to entertain me. I try to catch a movie or two on the weekend and that my friends is it. I carry the simplest packag with about with about 15 channels and on these few channels is 2 PBS stations, 3 religous stations, 1 political station from Washington, 2 sales channels. I have basically 3 or 4 channels I may pick something up on and watch a smidgen before boredom sits in from more commercials per hour than programming.

We have become a nervous Nellie society of nincapoops. We can't relax! I spent a lot of time in the hospital waiting, in waiting rooms the last week. Apparently I'm the only human in the world without a phone! I'm not talking just a cell phone. I'm talking brain eating, mind stealing monstrocities of ??? I can't describe it properly. Have we become a world of instantaneous ??? I'm trying to keep my head on straight and all I see and hear is non stop texting, talking and game playing???

I'm so far out of touch with today's brain robbing creating of instantaneous mind numbing nincapoops and I don't want no part of it. I wish I was born around 1900 and would not have to be around to see the destroying of simplicity and family values and work ethics and mind comtroling and mind destroying loss of direct face to face communication the way it was meant to be. We have become lost in our own everyday search for existence, where there is no time to smell the roses.

My dear friends take time in your busy hectic day to "RELAX". Turn the cellphone, the computer, the T. V. off. Have the children help with preparing dinner and eat at the dinner table to talk REAL family issues. We have forgotten what communication is all about. It is looking at each other, laughing with each other, hugging each other. We're never to old for a heartfilled hug and a kiss. Say what you will, we have forgotten the pleasures in life and we may never regain them unless we take the time to truly evaluate what is the most important thing in our simple existence and that is love gave and received.                          

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  1. hey Glen,

    Good post! You are one of the few that I read that makes me smile ;-)