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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I declare Mother's Day 364 days of the year, that's official from old Professor GlenView and covers my humble Blog, starting "right now". It's my Blog, and I can "DO IT". Yes-sir-ree! Only Christmas shall remain the same. Why? I heard Sue ask that question, do you want my explaination, ready or not it's coming your way. Do you even have to ask! MOTHERS are simply (supercalifragilisticespyalidocious) wow! what a word, I just took a guess at how to spell it, it sure as hell ain't in the average dictionary. WHOW! that there word ain't in my computer dictionary. It said, no idea, ha, ha, ha I stumped the computer. It was in the movie Sound of Music. So I don't blow up my computer let's just say, Mothers are superb and totally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We take for granted and they are the biggest miracle of the universe!

Can't completely leave out the Fathers can I! Let's "briefly" talk about their role. They are the key that starts then clyinders turning, they are the starter on your Honda Accord. Instrumental but small in the overall scheme of life proding. Okay, okay, okay I best give the Dad's one day for Father's Day, lest they get a little annoyed. You see we men are like the fuse that sets the beautiful fireworks off on the Fourth of July, needed but short lived!!!

I equate my fascination to giving birth greater than any simple and totally beautiful understanding explained to me by my Grandfather when I was about 8 or 9. I remember helping him plant seed corn and watching in total amazement as the seeds grew. In about 90 days I helped snap off sweet corn and proudly carried it home. I asked Grandpa to explain to me what makes this happen! He said "Mother Earth takes moisture and nutrients from the fertile ground and in about 10 days the tiny seedlings shoot upward, then the sunlight in harmony with the productive nutrients from Mother Earth's rich soil takes over and the corn grows to maturity". Simple right but totally mesmerizing amazing!

Granted babies sure as hell ain't no ear of corn! I won't dabble in the specifics of how babies are created . I wish to place my attention on the marvels of  Motherhood. UH, UH, UH, ain't it something!!! It's soo overlooked by Men! We can't begin to say we understand, how can we??? We have N-O-T-H-I-N-G to compare with such a feat!!! Such a monumental achievement, a life growing inside. That to me my friends is the most spectacular wonderful, wonder of the universe. Forget about the manmade wonders, that ain't diddly squat compared to incubation. Mothers give life's nutrients from every cell of their magnificent beautiful rounded bodies. It's glorious!

Those who have made life should be the Queens, Politicians, Diplomats, the Leaders of the world. Those ones who have made lives would look at wars differently. I have heard of ancient civilizations that revered women like Goddess, as they should be. We men are only the tiniest little egg cracking fertilizer of the seed, to fertilize the amazing bodies of life giving wonders.

Only evil man-ipulative ones could jealously take away from the rightful true miracles!      

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