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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brain Farts!!!

Seems so right for me to write every night. Well alright. Just a fooling around, trying to get going tonight. Enough of that crap! get down to business, I'm not too bright. If I was a flashlight, it wouldn't be very bright. One of them tiny keychain lites.

My day was as smooth as it ever gets anymore. Is it just me or is the whole fricking world full of silliness?

Please don't answer that, I cannot stand the answer to such a stupid question.

According to the news there is a big problem with children from Central America coming into the United States. That is truly amazing!

There's supposedly millions upon millions of illegal immigrants from our southern border trying to become legal citizens. I'm guessing, but probably these immigrants are poorly educated. That makes this another part of "The Dumbing Down of America Equation" I've heard about. Do you really reckon there is such a conspiracy?

These immigrants have been compared to slave labor, willing to do the jobs Americans will not do. We've never had slave labor in the past . . . have we????

Well I do reckon there has been! There has been the black slaves brought here from Africa. There's immigrants that built the railroads. Chinese and Irish if my memory serves me correctly. I'm getting, old and sometimes I'm not absolutely positive. The point being there has always been slave labor from the beginning of time.

The uppity crust, the rich want slave labor. As we die off and our manufacturing jobs go elsewhere because they can be made with little, if any government regulations and strong arm government tactics, one day them immigrants or slave labor will be needed. There must be slaves or slave labor as the immigrants will work for simple survival!

The opposite of this immigrant labor on the opposite end of the spectrum that is very visible here in my hometown in the Heartland is Engineers brought here legally to do the work that Americans are not smart enough to do anymore. A major fortune 500 company here in my city requires a boatload to fulfill the required work. Supposedly we're not producing enough, or rather smart enough here, so they come from India.

I do go along with people here getting dumber! I experience it here everyday. Whether designed or just plum dumb luck, it be a happening baby!

I say we take over the country south of the border, then clean up the warlords as far as drugs are concerned, but I don't see that ever happening, because there be too much money being made from illegal drugs coming here. Yep just follow the money, ainna never gonna happen!

Let these children come here, educate them, so the brainwashing can continue, legalize the millions upon millions that are already here, take the taxes from them, like always has been from Americans. Let them burden themselves with our national debt.

Better still let's just make our neighbor to the North, Canada, United States, and Mexico all one country, hell also Central America. We would never run out of slave labor and drugs. There would be no concern if all was one! Make Colorado the new Headquarters, let them trucks from Mexico bring in product from Asia, let's all be one. Tax the drugs, hell yeah! pay off all them trillions of dollars. We need money to pay off the debt, need slave labor and taxes made from the new citizens, also Canada has all that oil.

I know my legal drugs has burnt up what little mind I have left!!! Tax the hell out of them drugs too!  Any drug, legally or illegally, should be taxed man!!!

The only way out is for the Unites States to take over countries closer to home, that would be smarter and make us stronger. Since the beginning of mankind there has always been slaves and wars. Seems a whole lot smarter to war a lot closer to home.


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