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Friday, July 25, 2014

Do you believe? Is it time? Twats!

I was reading some stories on my home page. I changed to my blog and told myself. "The first thought to enter my mind as I open a new post. I will type." Here it is and I may go with a bunch o things that been on my mind, after all don't do me no good just bouncing around upstairs.

My first thought, "Don't believe anything I read!" Then. Have mercy, what if nobody was to believe in anything they read. Y'all at the right spot here on Glenview. I let my abundance of imagination run wild, baby! Yes I do!

Except the comedy of errrs, it's all true, that's why I have taken so long to put it in the never ending format I started!  No I'm not done with it by a country mile! I'm waiting to finish what happened about part five. Hopefully I'll have that info soon.

My mind has been gone recently. No, no, no, even more than normally. Actually not a shortage of thoughts, but by the time I mosey over to my computer I'm almost asleep and, damn . . . even I cannot interpret what I've written. I think it information overload. In this world of technology overload, I'm overloaded and too tired to snatch it out of my head!

Oh, oh, oh, speaking of an ignoramus, I read some where's recently about A Doctor at one of the most famous hospitals in America, oh how do I say this? Okay he was a gynecologist, who loved looking at, you know, twats, so much he used a pen camera to record them and had them on his computer at home!  Hey, even I cannot imagined such a thing.

My comment on this, maybe I'd better not!   "Ah come on Glen"   Okay you talked me into it.

"I absolutely love, love, love them you know, but I love how they feel . . .  not how they look!"

I reckon I need to change the subject after that!

Damn, I must be tired I don't think I would of ever said that, before tonight.

Do you get the feeling the world be at, an orchestrated imploding point? I do!

This thought hit me hard . . . I mean really hard at work last night!   "Maybe it's time." Ever since November 7/2008, that's when I picked up something at work and moved sideways I felt a strange movement in my left lower back. Sciatica, the next day and for a year and a half I was in chronic pain. Many Doctors, cortisone shots, chiropractor treatments, muscle relaxants, pain pills, physical therapy, acupuncture later, it eased up.

The Pain Doctor told me "that the vast majority of back problems will go away on its own, in time."

The point of this is, "Is it time to retire, or work part-time?" That's a very important decision not to be taken lightly. Sure I've thought about it, but never seriously.   "Why now?"

Damn . . . that's a mighty hard question. I see the young ones doing the same jobs effortlessly, where it takes all I have. I still like to work and raise a sweat and get the dopamine rush, oopsey! Should of been adrenalin rush, but I think that dope-a-mine dropped in there for a reason! Dope-am-I, yeah that makes sense!

But to get there, I have to feed the Lion, I mean lying in me. I have a whole body rebelling against me as I wake up! No matter how much rest I get, it's never enough. I wake up hearing, creaking, grinding noises, from every joint. I like to never got my left work boot tied today, no matter how I moved my knee it rebelled, grinding and pain, using sheer determination I did get it tied.

I can take enough over the counter medicine that kicks it about half way though work, also if I drink caffeine drinks, finally I can get going, I'm not sure I want to, any more. Besides after the highs of pain pills, caffeine, and adrenalin, I come home and relax, but if I get up I hear myself emitting "ohh, ohh, ohh, ahh, ahh, ahh, damn, damn, damn! 

( Once upon a time those sounds would of meant sex, ya know! )

Then, I say   "THEN"  as my body settles down in bed I can feel my body slowly, retiring for the night, and it takes longer and longer and longer!  

ACTUALLY THERE'S MORE THAT I WISH TO SAY ABOUT  "IS IT TIME"  BUT SEEMS IT'S MY BRAIN'S TIME, TO RETIRE!  "Goodnight!"   ( I'm not going back and check anything I'm too frigging tired! )

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