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Friday, July 4, 2014


A person should write about what he knows about. That don't leave me much, in my world. Working, dreaming and hurting sums in up today. I've talked about some of my physical AND mental difficulties, boring!

Bout at this here very moment, all my joints with the exception of my toes hurt. Bout now I'm wondering why they don't?

Today started off like a normal day here in Daisy-doodle-ville. Believe me you don't wish to know what normal is here!

Normal for me is to get up and go straight to work, if I think bout it, then I may not go to work, you see! I like to get to work a few minutes early, so as when I do wake up I'm already here and say   "what the hell, I'm already here so I'll see was-up!"  I'll get me a bag of chips and 35 mg of soda to help in the waking up process. I go out to my work area and sit for a few minutes easing into the damn work thing! Little did I know today, today is not going to be a normal day for me.

The young ones start coming in a few minutes after starting time per normal. I'm still sitting on the table. After many, many minutes as in 15 I'm still sitting on that table, seems people don't want to work or technicians haven't done their techniquing-thing-you know!!!! NORMAL! Round here! My sodie pop is empty and I'm a fixin' to do some work when them technicians get their act together! The young ones seem bout now ready to work a little. Takes them longer than me, what with there, pulling their pants up and adjusting their underwear so as we can see them! We still ainna running, them technicians be having some problems, too many Budweisers, er somethun, I reckon! The metal table I've been a sittin' on is getting hard and my ass has gone completely numb! While them technicians we a doin' whatever the heck their a doin', I'm a gonna unthaw my arse! I mosey to the bathroom in my best, moseying with my nuts numb from sittin' on that metal table fer too fricking long! I should just told them   "you've taken too long, my nuts are numb and I've missed my perfect starting point, so I'm going home and going back to bed and dream that this was only a nightmare in Daisy-dodle-ville! "   

Problem with that is they would answer,   """HUH???"""    and I would not have the energy to repeat them few words again!

Now that them young ones are there and not out wandering, it'd be the correct moment to do some workin'!!! DAMN!!! the machine comes to life! Them highly paid technicians, fergot to turn the dang electric and air on!   """"SHITE,"""    here we go AGAIN!!!

Wellst it takeths Glen, being he's an older man, some time and a handful of pills to get a going. Then if he times his meds right and his Aleve, pain pills you know! right then he has a safe take off and landing! Wellst, it weren't meant to be today. here in the little factory of a lot-O-horrors!

Somethin . . . I say something was a miss! Old Glen just ainta gettin' it fer some weason! I done a systems check and found out I was done a couple cylinders, but I can still get through this thing on Will Power, man I had that dude!!!

The damn dirty deed, somehow some way shape er form, with the fine crew of? What's the name of the boat on Gilligan's Island? The three hour thing turned into four, and we never found our skipper. Gilligan was lost some where in the sea.

Wellst I did get carried away again, IMAGINE THAT!!!

Wellst I be a fixin' to go back to bed. I got up fer some weason and I sit down here and damn this whatever comes out without ever saying what it was I was a going to say, so this be mu post for today. I just wished I could remember what it was I was a going to say. GOODNIGHT AND I'm TOO TIRED RO CHECH SO WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE.

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