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Friday, April 1, 2011


I haven't drank alcohol of any kind in years. Even in my younger days, I didn't like the taste of it, but I sure as hell liked the way it would make me feel! Um, um good, but when you drink too much, it becomes, oh, oh bad! Everyone has been there right! Today, I drink water with God only knows what's in it. For for a kick start to the day and to keep my energy flowing, I drink sodas for the caffeine. If I didn't have caffeine, my body just wouldn't run. Have you ever put a tankful of bad gasoline in you car? It spits and sputters and tells you no!!! Oh the poor car will run but it don't wanna.

Recently I've started drinking orange juice, not everyday but I find myself liking it. I never liked it before, why now? Anything that's good for you shouldn't taste good right! What the hell is the matter with me, do you think I should see a Doctor! Nah, just old age I reckon. Needing vitamin C would be my guess. Any how I place a large glass of orange juice in the freezer for maybe 10 minutes and wal-la, damn it taste soo good! So I'm now wondering about them other juices, in the juice aisle of the supermarket. Apple juice, nah! Prune juice, not yet! Wine is made from grapes, ooh! That's looking promising.

I seem to have my heart set on the grape variety. A glass of wine or two can't hurt you, can it? I've read where a glass of wine is good for your heart. After a lifetime of making my heart pump from anxiety, how about I let it relax a little!

Now hear this, oops! read this. I'm getting old and sometimes my senses become short circuited from loss of brain cells. This is where orange juice and more potent juices are to come in.

I remember reading a Medical study, from I believe Greece,where the group being studied typically ate all the wrong foods; however this group had less heart disease than the rest of the world. The secret is out...they drink wine with their meals! They take their sweet time, relaxing and enjoying...their meals to the fullest. Huum, makes me wonder if it's the wine that makes them be in no hurry, so they enjoy and don't worry about all the bad stuff going into their body. So the wine counteracts the anxiety, they relax and don't give a shit and they become healthier. Simple pleasures utilized to the maximum, now they are smart ones, they are!!!

Okay then I'm all for a big meal and some wine, hell yeah I think I can do that! Wine, relaxing music, good food, good conversation. I'll not be in no hurry, now I see why they don't have heart disease etc. If I spend that much time eating and sipping wine, there would be one thing on my mind!!! So after dinner you get your ticker a tocking real good from natural instinctive physical activity. There ain't no wonder them folks are healthier and live longer, they know the secrets of juices, eating, relaxing and physical therapy. Seems them simple pleasures sure are the best after all.   

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