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Friday, April 22, 2011


Have you ever had Gremlins in yer "Belly?" I'll tell this story as cleanly as possible. I ate pea & rotini salad for lunch and dessert was a bag of M&M'S, I know probably does not sound like a very good lunch, but it was and I thoroughly enjoyed my different colors of M&M'S. I pretended they were Easter Eggs because we always color eggs during this time of the year. I save the red ones for last they are the best ones u-know.

I'm at work, about two hours later and... and... from deep inside me "Belly," I hear a gurgling sound, I didn't think too much about it... then it happens once more... "AH OH," I feel rumbling in me lower belly! Mount GLEN VIEW is a-fixin to spew, mighty assh-stuff!!! The pressure is building from possibly, to I gotta go, NOW! I yell for relief help, to relieve me, so I can... get some relief!

Seems them damn Gremlims in me belly are playing Pirates inside of me and sticking me with them damn Pirate Swords. When they shooting off their cannons you best stay away from the rear of me ship. ERRR flames will light up the whole poop deck!!! Sorry I write it as I feel it!


He stares at the floor making motor boat sounds (lips together vibrating engine sounds.) He is perfectly quiet except for that, I love it! It typically is yackety, yack, yack! I will admit Air-Head is not a bad guy. He is just too damn sociable and talks too @#$&ing much. I tell myself we all have our idiot-syncrazies: however when he talks non-stop and I can hear him over the loudness of the fricking machine it makes me crazier than I already am. Now I've had a lifetime of stuff to work on me the way it is and my nerves are shattered and my heart is ready to konk out!!!! I don't need his shit!!! He is the "challenged one" and he is challenging me and I don't wish to be challenged U-KNOW!!!

Air is a good worker and makes up for what he lacks in brains. He has the mentality of a 10 to 12 year old. I have known him for about one year and have seen him quiet like this a couple times. I don't believe he is thinking because he does his thinking with verbal communication and th, th, that ain't funny.

I best do some pondering on this. I write at work out of boredom. I look over at someone who could be his brother tearing up paper playing like he is a paper shredder. I think laughingly strange ones don't fall to far from the tree and there all employed here.

Klem and Me are the oldest here at Crazyville INC. We grew up in the sixties. Now I understand why my Doc has me on so many meds. I'm just plum crazy and well I believe Klem grew up in California and that probably explains his idiosyncrasies. I would ask him to tell you about my idiot-syncrazies but I'm afraid to ask him and I don't have enough room left on this post . Maybe I'll ask Klem to write a little story about my ... ... sorry Senior moment! I'm afraid he might never get done typing and we ain't got forever u-know.

Seems we have more crazies here at Crazyville  INC. than most places or is it just me!!!


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