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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was bored to near extinction, so I begin reading a newspaper that was handy. You know the one! The one that tells you everything you want to know about “MONEY” & STOCKS.” It’s a journal of money around the world. This paper does not have automobiles for sale in the back section. Oh no! It has Jets, not as in whirlpool jets, the kind that can take you from N. Y. to L. A. at over 500 M. P. H. Those rich sons-a-guns need to move fast at a moment’s notice. What the hell are you afraid of? Afraid to be stuck on one of them “regular” Jets as in regular working people! Setting in first class ain’t good enough for ya! Do ya, think yer, better, than the rest of us!!! I think it’s probably ya dirty rotten scoundrels need to get out-of-Dodge, after making out like a fat rat and cheating the real AMERICANS… out of their pensions!!! (Oops, did I go a mite too far.)…
                For those of you not use to my sense of humor, I possess an unlimited supply of expert “opinion-nators” in my head that help me give my uneducated non-Haarrvvaarrdd commentaries. Soo, they said in response to me thinking, did I go a mite too far was very Choir sounding “no way!!!”  Short circuited some synapses in my brain but I can always count on them “hair brained ones” to help me. (That deserves at least a smile. Hair brained ones, now you get it, ha, ha!)
                For you couch taters, sports junkies, the sports section was one page for the world and that included advertisements.
                Only the Elite of the Elite buy advertisement space in this newspaper. I would list some but I’m so far un-elite I forgot the fancy pansy advertisements. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this newspaper is all about “M O N E Y.” Every now and then I like to pretend I’m hob-nobbing with the power brokers of the world!
                So what is a poor man doing reading such about stocks and world currency and such? I wanted to check my stock portfolio!
                Okay, okay, okay, you ain’t got no XXXXing stock you XXXXing moron! (That filthy mouth voice would be Joe Pesky, I’ll ignore him and he’ll go away into the dark corners of my brain.)
                So I was at work and bored out of my mind, I read this newspaper. It has stories from Politicians from around the world, didn’t learn anything there! Stories about money and Bankers from around the world, didn’t learn anything there! Stories about oil from around the world, nope nothing there! Wars, civil unrest, Pirates, same oh, same oh! Buying Companies, Selling Companies, “screwing us,” didn’t learn anything there! How can someone read this entire newspaper covering the world and not learn one thing more than what I already knew?!!!
 Sheesh there was no Horoscopes, no Cartoons. There was one page though that was pretty horrifying, yet funny at the same time! It was the fashion page. There were several photos of Bamboo Thin Models with the look of starvation highlighting their ghastly belly growling concentration camp looks in need of a piece of celery and carrot sticks! Them poor things make thousands of dollars to wear designer clothing and them there models don’t look none too happy to be walking down the runway. The looks on their faces was pure outrage, no smiles only frowns. Those poor things were so bird legged looking skinny I bet that if they ran to the end of the runway and flapped their arms they could lift off!
Anyway after spending quite some time trying to understand what the hell this paper is all about and the point it is attempting to get across, I came to this conclusion after sleeping on it and reviewing the paper I even took it home with me because you know some days I just don’t understand!!!
I came to this conclusion. There is subliminal messages and encrypted meanings here in this paper a poor boy ain’t never, let me repeat that point “AIN’T NEVER” going to understand. Them, Rich R. Using us and we think we have freedom. We are just cattle, sheep, hogs etc. being led through the gates to be shot between the eyes WHENEVER THEY WANT. HAVE A NICE DAY, HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

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