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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


VIEWER DISCRETION RECOMMENDED FOR THE ENDING GROSS FACTOR 10.................          Once upon a time in America, actually not that many years ago. We became a throw-away Society, once we're done with trash what do we do? Pitch it, unfortunately there are way too many nin-ca-poop-ish morons from hell that use the ground, the parking lots, anyplace they are. Lazy @#$%ing assholes!!! I'm saddened at what I witness. Once I was entering a Convenience Store, a woman with a 5 year old child was walking out, the woman unwrapped her candy bar and threw it on the sidewalk, there was a garbage can right beside her. Instinctively without thinking I told her "there is a garbage can right beside of you." She looks at me and said"@#%& you, mind your own business!" I bent down and picked the candy wrapper up, the child looked at me and handed me her wrapper smiling. I winked at the child and threw it away. The woman jerked the child by the arm and said "some people don't know when to mind there own business. "The woman was acting like trash and I hope the child got my message. I witnessed someone once open a car door and throw a diaper on the ground in a parking lot. You name it and I've seen it, haven't you!!!

          Anyhow to get to the title of this post "The Crying Indian," while riding around in the country the other day immensely enjoying the simplistic beauty of an early spring day my euphoria took a nose dive. Remember the old commercial where an Old Indian walks around America, upon seeing trash a tear rolls down his cheek! 

          Now brace yourself for what I'm about to tell ya. It's mind boggling dumn-ass funny and better yet, absolutely true!

          Sorry, I must finish my earlier train of thought before I can move on. We old farts get what's called Senior moments, no, not Senor as in Spanish. Yikes, I keep losing my point as well as brain cells! Ya'all reckon there is a connection here. Ha, ha just keeping ya waiting and cursing me!

          The spring gully washer, washed all the crap from out of the ditches where all them !@#$%^&**&^%$#@! DUMASSES threw away!

          Many years ago, I was driving a truck making a delivery at a large nationally known College. A terrible gully washer of a thunderstorm had just hit. How bad was it? It was so bad my windshield wipers could not keep up. I decided to set the thunder boomer out in a parking lot. Please bear or is it bare, fuck I don't know. I'm going to leave you hints as I complete this "true" story. Watch my words and you can figure out where I'm HEADED. So this big ASS storm BLOWS through. I had no PROTECTION except for my trUCK, My trUCK was a-ROCKING and a-ROLLING RHYTHMICALLY, going for the CLIMAX before it BLOWS out. The CLIMAX nearly BLEW my FUCKING truck over. Then everything STOPS...RELAX...CALM...A RAINBOW EUPHORIA OF FEELINGS REMAIN..........

I stepped out of my truck COMING out of the storm drains was white yucky looking STUFF!!!!!

BUBBLING out of the drains was PROPHYLACTICS "CONDOMS" yes, RUBBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I kid you not!!! I said oooooh! and laughed for about 5 minutes... I don't know how much studying of the books goes on here at F. U. University but I sure as hell would like to have the Condom market here!!!     THANK YOU FER VISITING MY SILLY LITTLE SIGHT!!!

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