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Friday, April 29, 2011


I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! If I don't learn not to, this this old boys internal pump is gonna blow and "MELTDOWN". They'll soon be in-casing me in cement... So after living quite a spell, how do you just press the erase button and not give a ***k? If I am successful and don't care, get upset or worry about anything I will live longer. Well la-de-da,  just smack my ass!!! If-un that's all everybody-ee in the whole ****ing world needs to do why in the hell is the whole world ****ed up on drugs legal or not!!! And the rest want to be!!! IT AIN'T THAT EASY BOYS AND GIRLS! No sir-ree bob-a-louie!!!

Let's take something I love and I'll try not to care about it anymore. I love peanut M&M's, just seeing those two letters make my mouth water. A peanut with choc-O-late on the outside, with bright colors. Its like a Rainbow, or Easter Eggs in a bag. I open the bag and spread them out on a napkin and eat them slowly, saving the red ones for last, after all them reds ones are the prettiest and taste the best. Ya'all think I can just quit...

Quite possibly not the best example, I'll try again. My number uno pet peeve after working mucho years and supervising in an Industrial environment. (Damn seems like Jose is trying to steal my brain.) Laziness is my pet peeve! So do ya'all think I can just close my eyes and visit my "Happy Place" when Jimmy, Joe, Bob Dum-Ass is a-makin my job harder! This ol boy wasn't taught to work that way!!! When Jimmy makes my job harder from his laziness "ADRENALIN" starts releasing that caveman let's kick some ass mentality. If someone is behaving as an IDIOT, I don't have no problem a-tellin them! I don't have no trouble a-being the "GRAND POPPY FROM HELL"  and tell them, only I won't sugar coat it!!! I grew up in a time when we didn't worry about correctness and politically correct crap. I used simple action verb type words to make a point. Not mamsy pamsy words like please get your act together huh! uh! I would say four letter verb words. (You thought I was going to type a bunch of them bad words didn't ya.)

 Anyhow to get to the title of this here story, I forgot??? One momento please... Oh yeah ADRENALIN! I have come to the conclusion it is like a drug, I must have it! If I don't have that "BOOST" and get that feeling that the evil Dinosaurus Wreck-us is coming to eat me I cannot function mentally. The adrenalin blows out the cobwebs and don't allow spiders to start stringing their web. "Raid for my brain"! So them there Doc's tell me be cool or be real COOL!!! (That deserves a chuckle, come on.) How can you change who you are?

I must work because I need such trivial things such as food, shelter, heat, Doctor care, medicine , you now all the fine extras money can buy.

If I could wave a magic wand and or become someone else who would I be? Well my childhood hero use to say all the time, "I AM, WHAT I AM."

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. GLEN VIEW

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